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Designing a product with a color TFT display and touch screen does not have to be complicated. MMS Electronics can take advantage of the EAuni TFT smart display to get your project started dramatically. It features an integrated graphics controller, extensive graphics capabilities, onboard USB, I²C, SPI, and a serial interface. The EA uniTFT display uses an improved IPS panel with AACS technology (all-angle color stability). This means that contrast and color are preserved even at extreme viewing angles. High brightness typ. Displays over 1,000 cd / m² can be read clearly even in direct sunlight. An optically coupled PCAP touch panel is attached. The display is programmed using uniTFTDesigner Windows software with a simulator and is ready to run the example. Display Visons has designed various evaluation boards to show the versatility of EAuni TFT smart displays.

The latest addition is the EADEMO PACK-WiFi BT with a 2.8 inch EAuni TFTs 028-ATCIPS display. This demo pack includes the wireless microcontroller ESP32 for adding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication to the display. The ESP32 project is fully documented and shows how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to a uniTFT display. Another example using Wi-Fi shows how to get online weather information and create a meteorological station using the EAuniTFTS smart display.

The ESP32 is programmed via USB using the Arduino IDE. Demo packs, displays, and documentation are available from the MMS Electronics Ltd web shop. The EA uniTFT smart display is available in sizes 2.0 “, 2.8”, 3.5 “and 4.3” and has a pinout and connectors for connecting to the DEMOPACK board.

Available from MMS Electronics is EADEMOPACK-RGBANA, which controls RGB LEDs, IO, and analog inputs. EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA is an application for measuring CO2, temperature and humidity. The EA DEMOPACK-RELAY application demonstrates how to use smart display I / O and 5A current measurement. EA DEMOPACK-CONNI is an application with several level shifters for RS-232 (± 12V), RS-485, RS-422, SPI (5V) and I²C (5V). EA Demo Pack-WiFiBT adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication. EADEMOPACK-LAN with Ethernet connection.

The EA uniTFTs smart display features 4 analog inputs and 8 freely defineable IOs. USB, I²C, and SPI serial interfaces simplify most device designs.

MMS Electronics Ltd was founded in 1997. Based in Pool in Wharfdale, Leeds is the UK Authorized Distributor of Display Visions’ 2,000+ LCD, IPS TFT and OLED display products and represents many other world-class display and sensor manufacturers. .. For more information and order samples, please visit the MMS Electronics web shop.


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