Dutch minister wants Esscooter to be on the road by 2025 – Amsterdam disappointed

Escooters are common in many European cities, but not in the Netherlands. that is, Escooter Its use is restricted to private roads and gardens, but its use on public roads and bike lanes is illegal and carries a fine of €280. However, this may change soon.

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is currently working on legislation to allow Escooter to be road-legal, local newspaper Het Parol reports. report.

If the bill is passed by the House of Representatives, escooters that meet the following requirements will be used. standard Dutch Motor Vehicle Authority (RDW) will be allowed to run on bike lanes from 2025. This also means that rideshare providers such as Lime, Tier and Dot can offer vehicles in the country.

The news provoked a strong reaction from the city AmsterdamThey are reluctant to let the popular two-wheelers into the already congested bike lanes.

Melanie van der Horst, a spokeswoman for the head of the city’s transport department, told the newspaper that the city of Amsterdam and several other cities in the country have written to the ministry, raising concerns over road safety issues. .

Van der Horst said even if the bill were passed, Amsterdam would still be able to keep ride-sharing esscooters out. It is within the jurisdiction of municipalities to grant the necessary exemptions for transit agencies to provide transportation services in public spaces.

Besides Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague are also staunchly opposed to the esscooter, which zips through the streets. BNR radio.

Dutch cities aren’t the only ones in favor of banning motorcycles. Paris is also stopping Following a city-wide referendum, it will be introduced to Share es scooters from September onwards.

https://thenextweb.com/news/dutch-minister-wants-escooters-on-roads-2025-to-amsterdams-dismay Dutch minister wants Esscooter to be on the road by 2025 – Amsterdam disappointed

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