DoorDash tests 15-minute grocery delivery in New York City

Is Manhattan’s ultra-fast grocery delivery service, which aims to deliver goods to customers within 15 minutes. The service will initially be available at Chelsea’s new DashMart outlet, and DoorDash plans to extend ultra-fast delivery to more locations and partners in the coming months.

The company opened its first Dash Marts last year, providing a central place for shoppers to find fresh frozen groceries, household items and merchandise from local merchants. According to the company, Dash Mart offers over 2,000 items. The Chelsea location is open from 7am to 2am for orders within a small radius, and extra produce will be donated to the local food bank.

In addition, DoorDash states that ultra-fast services require an operating model that differs from the usual approach of using gig workers to process orders. Become a team of full-time employees. According to the company, workers work on a regular basis, wages start at $ 15 per hour, and tips and tips are paid.

According to the company, 90% of US courier (or Dashers) want to stay as a contractor and increase schedule flexibility. DoorDash has been in conflict with cities and other jurisdictions in terms of worker classification and other aspects. NYC lawmakers passed a series of bills in September. The bill is specifically targeted at gig economies and food delivery workers. In addition, DoorDash, along with Uber Eats and Grubhub, has recently exceeded the shipping limits that can be charged to restaurants.

DoorDash competes with other companies that offer ultra-fast delivery in the city, such as Gorillas, Buyk, Gopuff and Jokr. However, this is a well-known brand and has the potential to open up a significant portion of the market.

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