Doom Eternal and Battlefield 2042 get Nvidia RTX GPU upgrade

Nvidia has announced that two blockbuster games will take advantage of RTX GPU enhancements. Doom Eternal Updated to include Ray tracing And DLSS,from now on Battlefield 2042 Will be supported by DLSS and Reflex.

Ray tracing often catches headlines, but DLSS (or Deep Learning Super Sampling, give it a full name) is actually a technology that improves the quality of life for most gamers. This technology uses the RTX GPU’s AI tensor core to intelligently upscale scenes to selected resolutions. This means you can get 2K output at a lower resolution performance level.

As this video shows, the results are very impressive. Enabling DLSS not only improves this 4K frame rate. Death Stranding Clip, it’s actually a modified version that can sharpen the visual with a little clearer text.

Importantly, it is also compatible with ray tracing. This graphical nicity is very powerful and can have a significant impact on frame rate. Ray tracing is when each ray is rendered in real time for strangers, leading to more realistic light, shadows and reflections. This is a subtle effect, but enabling it will make the game feel a little more realistic. Here’s what it looks like when enabled or disabled in Doom Eternal:

Nvidia ReflexOn the other hand, is a technology that reduces system latency. In other words, the time from input to the action that occurs on the screen is shortened. The benefits of a multiplayer shooter like Battlefield 2042 should be pretty obvious if you have the competitive benefits.

Of course, all of this requires an Nvidia RTX card, which is new and has become like gold dust these days. RTX30 card facing shortage There is also a huge markup on the auction site. Ability to effectively mine cryptocurrencies.. Still, be sure to check the list before purchasing an upgrade. Best graphics card Before buying. Doom Eternal and Battlefield 2042 get Nvidia RTX GPU upgrade

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