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Americans have lost confidence in the country’s Supreme Court this week, even before a ruling that broke state gun regulations and rocked the land of the Supreme Court ending women’s right to abortion.

Thursday, Gallup reported Confidence in the Supreme Court is lower than ever, and only 25% of Americans say they have a great deal of confidence in the agency. If you count only Democrats, that number drops to 13%. This is the lowest approval rate by one political party in the history of Gallup organizations.

As journalist and writer Zara Stone reports in this issue, The deficit of trust has now permeated our relationships In the same way. Suffering from doubts and delusions about governments, strangers, and those we love, Americans are increasingly turning to technology to sort out the truth from lies.

Even if the technology itself is pretty cool, the impact is serious. Obviously, slight changes in pupil diameter, blinking, eye movements, gaze fixation, and response rates can help show if you are lying.A small suggestion: Next time we’ll introduce the test to Supreme Court Nomination Hearing..

In the United States, about 23% of married men and 14% of married women have resigned as partners, according to data reported in the Journal of Social Sciences. But what’s new is how technology decides on betrayal. Zara is exploring the strange world of venture-backed lie detectors, including companies that use AI to sniff out adulterers.

Don’t worry about crashing ratings and layoffs of the company, the NFT crowd came to New York with one thing in mind: blown away last year’s marketing budget. About 15,000 NFT enthusiasts listened to speeches from dance, network, and space cheerleaders. For example, CoinFund’s managing partner, David Pakman, saw NFTs as “the most successful new consumer products introduced since the advent of smartphones.” But under all of that, I could feel the chills. Margot sometimes reports annoying discrepancies.

In a recent Kids and Technology survey by The Information, Hopscotch was one of the most popular coding apps for kids among tech industry respondents. However, Hopscotch Technology’s co-founder and CTO has now taught coding to thousands of children, but John hasn’t started programming himself. While chatting with Annie, she shares her path from avoiding computer games to helping kids make games.


Artist Wang Shui Reporter Annie Goldsmith:

Last week I finally went to the Whitney Museum of American Art 2022 Biennale, A biennial survey of contemporary American art in museums on display until September 5. This edition, titled “Quietas It’s Kept,” was opened to various reviews, with critics blaming the show’s brief awakening. “If you don’t like art, you are considered hostile to the cause.” I have written Jerry Saltz from New York Magazine. “But the cause doesn’t matter. This is a common way these artists deal with them.” Salz estimated that about 20% of the Biennale was “really alive.”Of that 20%, Wang Shui’s Hearing Seed (Vitr∴ous Island) It is in the top 1 percentile. The work itself is fascinating, with oil swirling around the aluminum, but what’s even more unique is that Wang Shui uses an AI program to “co-author” the work and create “gestures, forms, and color feedback loops.” That’s what I did. Show curator. The result is an apparently futuristic yet nostalgic piece with a color palette and texture reminiscent of the Impressionists. If you’re in New York, the labyrinthine biennale is worth the wandering alone in the hearing seeds.

Watching: Apple TV + Comedy Not About Jeff and MacKenzie
Molly Novak, played by Maya Rudolph, is married to billionaire tech giant John Novak (Adam Scott) and lives a fascinating life. In other words, until you find out that John is having an affair. Molly leaves her marriage for $ 87 billion because the couple lacked a prenuptial agreement. Are you familiar?Here is the plot LootThe just-released Apple TV + show is very similar to the real-life story of technology infidelity. The Arrested Development-type antique follows as Molly understands what to do with money in collaboration with her foundation (the one she didn’t know previously existed).

Reading: For Gen-Z, online anonymity
Do you want to build a personal brand on social media? It’s been a thousand years.As Atlantic Caitlin Tiffany Write, Gen-Z prefers anonymity. From faceless chatter on Discord to the little renaissance on Tumblr, young people are looking to the corners of the internet where they can stay in stealth mode. This trend is partly due to security concerns, but it’s also a resurgence of what made the Internet exciting in the first place, Tiffany writes. Young people, who are thoughts, beliefs, and personal traumas, have forgotten that there is no one in particular and that it is good to try different identities. ”

Awareness: Cover of the first AI-generated magazine
Another week, Dall-E, in this case Dall-E 2, another reason to be amazed by the second generation text-to-image generators created by OpenAI. cosmopolitan I used Dall-E 2 to create the cover of the first magazine designed by a neural network. In explaining the creation of the cover page, Cosmo analyzes the program’s ability to create not only accurate images, but also editorial-sensitive images. “If you type” Darth Vader “on the cover of a cosmopolitan magazine, Dall-E does more than just cut and paste a dozen photos. Wear a gown and put on hot pink lipstick, “explains the article.


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Weekend Editor, Information Do you take an AI-powered polygraph test to prove that your spouse hasn’t been fooled? – information

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