Do you have an iPhone and want to save money?Turn off this feature

Do you know the monthly data limit? Many Internet service providers have limits on the amount of data they can use. If you exceed that limit, you may be charged or your speed may be limited. Even if you have an unlimited plan, your connection speed can slow down.

Your contract shows the amount of data you are paying for, and there are other ways to check this. Tap or click here for tips on how to check your data limit and how to break it..

iPhone can be used for streaming, games, email, browsing, livestreaming, social media and more. All of these functions use data, but beyond this can be costly. There are iPhone settings you may not know that can help you reduce data usage.

Unlimited?not really

Your iPhone is designed for a consistent, instant connection, but at a cost, the price is data. Your unlimited data plan may not be as infinite as you might think.

For example, the details on the unlimited plan Sprint page say:May Notice the slowdown until the next billing cycle This is due to data prioritization. Other mobile service providers have their own policies regarding unlimited plans.

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When you don’t need help

You don’t want to be charged or slow down every time you exceed your data limit. iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices include a feature called Wi-Fi Assist. It is available on iOS 9 and above.

Wi-Fi Assist ensures that you stay connected to the Internet even if your Wi-Fi connection is poor. If you are waiting for the website to load and the Wi-Fi signal is weak, Wi-Fi Assist will switch the connection to cellular. Wi-Fi Assist works with Safari, Apple Music, Maps and more. Look for the cellular data icon in the status bar to verify that Wi-Fi Assist is activated.

Note: Wi-Fi Assist is not active while roaming and only works with apps running in the foreground.

In addition, it is not active in some third-party apps that stream audio or video or download attachments. Nonetheless, the Wi-Fi Assist feature uses cellular data and is nearing its limits. This varies from user to user.

Wi-Fi Assist is on by default.To disable it, go to Settings> Cellular Scroll down near the bottom of the page.Slide the toggle next to it Wi-Fi assist Move to the left to disable it.

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