Do a Survey: Tell Your Voice About Gender Equality

Companies with a wide variety of leadership positions are performing better in the market. A wise decision begins with an honest consideration of gender equality in the travel industry.

Help Phocuswright, the world’s leading research institute for the travel industry, assess how the travel industry builds up in promoting gender equality and women’s leadership.

The results of the study will be published in Phocuswright’s Gender Equity in Travel Study 2021. This study extends the first study of 2019 to better understand gender equality, taking into account the impact of the global pandemic.

The findings will be published on Phocus Wire and Phocus wright.

What is included for you?

Share your email with us, and you will receive a copy of the study results after the study is complete.

Don’t worry-your survey responses are confidential and will only be used collectively. We will not use the email for any purpose other than sending the survey results.

Do a survey

Gender equality of Phocas Light in Travel Research 2021.

https://www.phocuswire.com/Let-your-voice-be-heard-on-gender-equity Do a Survey: Tell Your Voice About Gender Equality

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