DJ Electronic Manufacturing Partners Announces New Brand

DJ, a major York-based electronics manufacturing partner, is pleased to announce a new visual identity. Born from a desire to articulate the expertise and services that DJs offer, the new brand underpins DJ’s quality of service and the range of client partnerships it can support.

This project includes a complete rebranding, new website, and updated social media focus. The rich blue and copper logos show innovative practices in both the assembly and development of printed circuit boards (PCBAs), demonstrating DJ’s premium position.

New website Demonstrates the electronic manufacturing services that DJs can offer, from the core functionality of PCB assemblies to the more complex Box Build Solutions and the innovative design process enhanced by project partner case studies.

Organizations that benefit from DJ’s partnership approach range from dynamic local businesses to international military contractors and academic institutions.

DJs are proud to invest in their partners, from innovators to large manufacturers, by offering “StockPLUS”. A unique pre-order system allows clients access to long lead-time components on fully assembled PCBs, allowing DJs to pay, store and deliver immediately when needed.

“Our new identity provides DJs with an exciting vision of the future,” said Managing Director Tony Hunt. “The new brand is tied to our strong ambition to develop new industry partnerships, strengthened by a history of consistency and quality.”

– – DJ Electronic Manufacturing Partners Announces New Brand

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