Diversity and inclusiveness are not the same

With 18th century French mathematician and astronomer Nicole Reine Leportre Ada Lovelace In the 19th century, it was presented to many influential women of the 20th century, including Karen Spellk Jones, Mary Keller, and Elizabeth Finer. And there are many more from now on!

Success depends on a diverse and comprehensive workforce, Asha Kumar, HSBC’s Wealth & Personal Banking UK CI, told attendees: Computing‘NS Tech Festival Female last month. Women over the last 300 years have achieved great results. Imagine what they could have done if they were providing the same support to their male peers.

That’s why Diversity and Inclusion (D & I) is a very important topic today and should be at the heart of every organization’s strategy.It has Significant impact on employee involvement and profitability: According to a McKinsey report on the last published topic, companies with more than 30% female executives tend to outnumber a few, while the top quarters of ethnic and cultural diversity are low. More than one-third more than a quarter of companies. Year.

The difference between diversity and inclusion needs to be very clear. Hiring diverse talent is not enough. It is the work experience that shapes whether someone wants to stay. Diversity is the driving force for inclusion, but it’s not the only one.

The same McKinsey report quoted above shows that sentiment towards existing diversity initiatives among employees was 52% positive and 31% negative in 2020. However, 29% were positive and 61% were negative about the inclusion initiative. Obviously, companies still have something to do.

“If we want to strike this balance right, companies need to take a very systematic, business-driven, data-driven approach to promote diversity and inclusiveness.”

Women in Tech Festival is back next year! Diversity and inclusiveness are not the same

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