Distributed green hydrogen for fleet decarbonization by research by AI companies

Artificial intelligence company Empati has asked Black & Veatch to investigate the feasibility of using distributed production of green hydrogen to fuel vehicle fleets.

Black & Veatch provides an economic, logistical and technical assessment of the potential for on-site, on-demand hydrogen production as a fuel for fleet operators seeking decarbonization.

According to the company, hydrogen is a proven vehicle fuel and green hydrogen provides fleet operators with a route to reach their decarbonization goals. The convention is about centralized hydrogen production and transportation for storage at fleet depots or gas stations.

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Black & Veatch seeks to ensure that small-scale distributed hydrogen production at the time of use provides a viable alternative to achieving competitive prices.

Jonathan Cristiani, Advanced Power Fuels Engineer at Black & Veatch, said: “Commercial viability requires a supply chain that can support a network of distributed green hydrogen facilities, so our research covers not just technology, but the entire“ hydrogen ecosystem ”. “

Conducted by Black & Veatch’s Hydrogen Technology Group, this study builds on the company’s past experience in developing the infrastructure for hydrogen filling stations. The study will be conducted in conjunction with a collaborative project to integrate Empati’s AI platform with Black & Veatch’s Asset360 platform.

“We see green hydrogen as the best digital fuel for distributed setups such as gas stations and fleet depot networks,” said Gopal Ramchurn, co-CEO of Empati. As a technology-agnostic partner with real-world experience, and at every point in the life cycle of distributed power and alternative vehicle fuel infrastructure, Black & Veatch is an ideal place for us to do that. “

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