Disney + significantly reduces HDTV black bars with IMAX digital updates

expansion / Why limit the 21: 9 ratio when some Marvel Studios movies are (at least partially) framed in tall IMAX digital format? Get ready to see the difference, thanks to this week’s Disney + update.

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Disney +’s next major app update, coming to all devices later this week, is capricious with a new screen ratio format aimed at filling more HDTV screens in the way filmmakers originally intended. We continue to work on the latest services to please A / V enthusiasts.

“IMAX Digital” will be available on all Disney + supporting devices starting this Friday as part of the service’s “Disney + Day” promotion.This “17.1: 9” format has landed exclusively on the starting 13 Marvel Studios films, and its movements match the streaming premiere of. Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring— A movie that skips Disney’s experiments Simultaneous release at theater and Disney + Earlier this year.

Here’s a complete list of IMAX digitally compatible movies coming to Disney + later this week:

  • Ant-Man and Wasp
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Black panther
  • Black widow
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Captain Marvel
  • Doctor Strange
  • Guardian of the galaxy
  • Galaxy Guardian Vol. 2
  • Iron man
  • Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring
  • Thor: Ragnarok

When the film switches to the IMAX digital ratio, the normal black bar that represents the 21: 9 ratio on the wider screen is shrunk, adding about 26% of the image to the HDTV, all framed as originally intended.

A simple “liar” primer

Anyone who appreciates the aspect ratio of a movie may be frowned upon by the word “IMAX Digital”. No Same as the original 1.43: 1 ratio of IMAX. IMAX’s first format debuted in the 1970s and adopted a design that projected a 70mm reel onto a screen with a larger square ratio. Corporate moves towards a more average multiplex theater included the transition to the wider IMAX digital format of the 2000s, but viewers were able to see 2K digital projection and the original 70 mm foundation in the original format. This tactic failed because I could see the difference.

As a result, movie fans have begun to use the phrase “liar” to refer to this new format and the higher ticket prices it mandates. (This sentiment was displayed in the Ars comments section of 2015 IMAX Corporation threatens to file a lawsuit over trademarks.. )

Still, the Marvel Cinematic Universe began supporting the IMAX digital version in 2014. Guardian of the galaxy.. This is largely due to the era’s obsession with 3D projection, where IMAX Digital worked well. And initially, this format was only used in selected action sequences, not the entire movie. Disney has many of the supported movies containing only the selected 17.1: 9 sequence, and the rest of the runtime sticks to the movie’s 21: 9 ratio (and therefore the larger black bar on an average 16: 9 TV). I confirmed that it was there.The same is true for 2008 Iron manObtained an IMAX Digital Theater re-release, even though it wasn’t shot in format. (It’s unclear if the film’s limited IMAX digital support was originally shot in “open matte” format and manually trimmed by the editor before the final theater aspect ratio was locked down.)

Until this week, if you want to see these sequences at the intended ratings, or if you want to see the entire movie, for a later MCU entry like this: Avengers Infinity War When Endgame— I needed a 3D TV and a 3D Blu-ray player. With this week’s update, that limit has been removed and by default you’ll see small black bars at the top and bottom of the Disney + version. If the movie was originally intended to wipe out these black bars, it will provide additional visual information. on. The app provides a “Version” tab for each film to revert to the previous 21: 9 version if needed.

This week’s news follows the decision to update the entire Disney + library. The simpsons From the May 2020 episode Supports the first aired 4: 3 ratio— Therefore, restore the visual gag that was lost in Disney +’s original 16: 9 widescreen crop. If you’re looking for a streaming service that reverses the original 1.43: 1 IMAX aspect ratio, HBO Max is the best option. Justice League Snyder’s cut Earlier this year as the director intended. Disney + significantly reduces HDTV black bars with IMAX digital updates

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