Discord tests YouTube integration following crackdown on music bots

Discord has begun testing a feature called Watch Together that allows users to create playlists of YouTube videos that they can watch directly on the chat platform.beginning Discovered by The Verge, This feature is currently only available to friends and family servers. However, the company is reportedly planning to roll out to the entire Discord community by the end of October. Users can add videos to the server queue by searching directly from the included interface or by pasting the link from YouTube.

Discord didn’t say much about testing when we contacted the company. “As a company founded by innovation, we’re always experimenting and building what we believe our users will enjoy,” a Discord spokeswoman told Engadget. “There is nothing we can share at this time, but please be patient.”

However, the integration will take place just a few weeks after YouTube sends the cease and desist letter to. Groovy bot and rhythm, YouTube, Spotify and other streaming services, two of the most popular tools for playing music directly via Discord. This move forced both apps to shut down. NS The Verge The company points out that it has tested similar functionality to Watch Together. Towards the beginning of the yearBut this week I decided to put it on the shelf temporarily before putting it back. The company seems to have re-prioritized the development of this feature following the shutdown of Groovy Bot and Rythm.

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