Discord Acquires Augmented Reality Startup Ubiquity 6–TechCrunch

After raising tens of millions of dollars from investors and performing a fairly substantial pivot earlier this year, augmented reality startup Ubiquity6 and its team were acquired by game chat app giant Discord.

Ambitious AR startups are betting on the vision of building a consumer platform for hosting augmented reality content from a range of top investors such as Benchmark, First Round, Kleiner Perkins, and Google’s Gradient Ventures for $ 37.5 million. Was procured. Its latest publicly disclosed funding was the $ 27 million Series B in October 2018.

The terms of the Discord acquisition haven’t been revealed, but in recent months startups seem to have abandoned most of the products they built in the first few years, with some problems for Ubiquity 6 to find a broad audience for those products. It suggests that he was holding.

Launched in 2017, Ubiquity 6 wanted to build an app that would be a central way for mobile phone users to view augmented reality content. Startup in late 2019 Launched a product called DisplaylandThe purpose is to gamify the process of 3D scanning the physical environment with a smartphone camera.

The company’s efforts to find mass adoption were hampered by the mobile AR market. The mobile AR market has barely gained momentum in recent years, despite heavy investment from major tech companies such as Apple and Google.

In early 2020, CEO Anjney Midha told TechCrunch that the startup has about 65 employees.

In recent months, Ubiquity6 has performed a fairly dramatic pivot, leaving full augmented reality in favor of building a desktop platform that allows users to play simple online party games together remotely.Beta platform called backyardWas designed for the habits of the pandemic era, which appear to be declining as the United States resumes operations. Backyard was discontinued this week as part of the acquisition announcement.

so Medium post Midha, which announced the acquisition, seems to downplay the expectation that Ubiquity 6’s augmented reality technology will be inside Discord.

“Our mission at Ubiquity 6 was to unleash new ways for people to connect through shared experiences,” writes Midha. “By joining Discord today, we can accelerate that mission. The Ubiquity 6 team, Backyard products and multiplayer technology will be integrated into Discord.” Discord Acquires Augmented Reality Startup Ubiquity 6–TechCrunch

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