Digital Workplace for Deskless Workers YOOBIC Raises $ 50 Million

London-based all-in-one digital workplace YOOBIC We have completed a $ 50 million funding round. The platform is specifically focused on front-line (also known as deskless) workers, providing a mobile hub that enables management of day-to-day tasks, training, and communication between colleagues, supervisors, and headquarters. I will. This funding is expected to further drive YOOBIC’s growth in EMEA and the North American market, strengthening R & D efforts, especially in data intelligence and predictive insights. To date, the company has raised over $ 80 million.

3 years ago Widely reported Eighty percent of the world’s workforce, or 2.7 billion people, does not regularly sit behind their desks as their primary task. Still, the same numbers show only 1% of IT spending invested in this sector. This is where YOOBIC intervenes and caters to retail store employees, restaurant staff, field workers, and many other deskless professionals.

The pandemic has seen brand names for many years Collapse Under the weight of financial pressure. Going forward, companies need to perform perfectly, streamline communications, and improve training and skill-up programs for front-line employees.

YOOBIC has more than 300 brands in 80 countries around the world, including Boots, Carrefour, Lancôme, Lacoste, Logitech, Lidl, Peloton, Puma and Vans. In the first quarter of 2021, companies will be installed in Untuckit, Roots, Canada Goose, Longchamp, Lidl, Zadig & Voltaire and Atletico, increasing the need for efficient and effective mechanisms specifically designed for deskless workers. I found out that.

Series C funding round Highland Europe..Existing investor Felix Capital, Insight PartnerAn unnamed family office advised by, and BNF Capital I also participated in the round.

“We are excited to partner with YOOBIC. YOOBIC Fabrics, Avi And JillHas clearly established itself as a leader in demonstrable market traction and remarkable growth in digital workplace spaces, “said Highland Europe. Jean Tardi Jubert.. “Companies have traditionally focused on digital investment for deskbound employees, but the world is becoming diversified and diversified. An earthquake that shifts vast resources, technology and capital to front-line teams. Is expected to change. “ Digital Workplace for Deskless Workers YOOBIC Raises $ 50 Million

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