Digital transformation of powder blending

For example, maintaining optimal powder processing time during mixing operations is very important for chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers. This operation can have a significant impact on the quality and manufacturing costs of the final product.

In fact, in the pharmaceutical industry, the lack of uniform blending is a major cause of quality variation in oral solid dose (OSD), resulting in waste and redo. Overtreatment, on the other hand, increases cycle time and energy consumption while affecting product quality.

The key tools that help businesses address these issues are real-time online monitoring and responsive automated control. The first is essential for assessing the material’s key quality attributes (CQA) when mixing occurs, eliminating the need for downtime. Based on this information, seconds decide whether to continue or stop the operation and send the relevant command to the processor. This type of setup can be created using data-driven digital technology that enables smart manufacturing applications.

now, Optimal industrial technology VIAVI Solutions has developed a smart blending system that reduces processing time and energy consumption while maximizing blending uniformity. The combination of Optimal’s Process Analysis Technology (PAT) knowledge management platform, synTQ, and VIAVI’s MicroNIR PAT-W near-infrared spectrometer forms an innovative setup that improves productivity and product quality.

The smart blending system developed by Optimal and VIAVI reduces processing time and energy usage while maximizing blend uniformity.

The collaboration between Optimal and its measurement partner VIAVI leverages their capabilities and state-of-the-art technology to fully enable a data-driven, intelligent setup for blend endpoint detection. This helps businesses improve their operations by avoiding costly and inefficient overprocessing while consistently delivering high quality products.

The precision, compact and rugged VIAVI MicroNIR PAT-W near-infrared spectrometer can be easily added to any processing device, including tumble blenders of many designs. This allows for very fast, reproducible and non-invasive analysis of the CQA of the material being processed. In addition, it eliminates the risk of contamination during sampling.

The NIR spectrum is acquired in real time and immediately sent to Optimal’s synTQ software. This software analyzes the data to determine blend uniformity. When the optimal CQA is achieved, the process is considered complete and synTQ sends a stop signal to the blender to prevent overprocessing. In addition to interpreting the data, the platform visualizes the information in an easily accessible (and customizable) format and provides users with a comprehensive and immediate overview of the process. Trend data will be available at any time in the future for further analysis, facilitating the possibility of additional process optimization.

Paul Gilham, Director of Innovation Team at Optimal, explains: “SynTQ is more than a PAT data management solution. It is a powerful portal that can bring together all the available PAT knowledge and provide a unique understanding and actionable insight of the process. These are ultimately in production. It enables improvement of sex and product quality. “

Plug and play

The innovative system is also designed to streamline installation, configuration, and boot activity. This is because these tasks can be completed within 2 days. In fact, monitoring and control usually does not require calibration or multivariate analysis (MVA) models to determine blend uniformity and process endpoints. As a result, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers can benefit from a rapid return on investment (ROI) and maximum uptime.

VIAVI Solutions Account Manager – Emiliano Genorini, MicroNIR, commented: The accessible nature of this system is also of considerable value and helps businesses build PAT capabilities. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Optimal and creating more setups to help manufacturers pursue a wider range of industrial activities. “

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