Digital divide: Seniors struggle to adapt as cash payment options dwindle

Ark, Genoa (KTAL/KMSS) — cash options are being gradually robbed and this is something our seniors are expected to adapt to.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many establishments that were open only accepted cashless transactions. The “cards only” option continues to be used as many people embrace the ease of tap-to-pay. Fear of identity theft Or has your bank account been hacked?

“The Genova school district hosted a regional baseball tournament over the weekend,” said Genova resident Karen Douglas. “And he, the Arkansas Activities Association, was told by AAA that they don’t accept cash. All ticket purchases must be paid for online.”

With the constant use of smartphones and debit cards, online payments may eventually become the only option.

Douglas said he saw many attendees try to buy tickets at the gate after learning the tournament was cash-only.

“They weren’t allowed to take cash at all,” Douglas said. “And a lot of people you could tell just by body language were very aggravated. Some left.”

Douglas said he has two very close friends who don’t have smartphones or debit cards.

“And it got me thinking about how alienated people are by this, because I know my mother and husband aren’t the only ones affected in this way,” Douglas said. “And my husband loves going to see his grandkids play ball. And he doesn’t have a smartphone or a credit card. Or if he wants to go, you have to go with him.”

Douglas hopes that something will change before the team plays in the next tournament.

“The state championship, or semi-final, is this week and continues next week. I hope you will.”

Cado Counseling on Aging Provide resources for seniors in your community. When it comes to learning technology, I have a simple suggestion.

“So when your grandchild or your child comes home, sit down and teach them how to use the phone, how to use social media, how to research websites,” the CCO said.

Douglas said he has also contacted local and state officials about the matter.

https://www.wkrg.com/national/digital-divide-seniors-struggle-to-adapt-as-cash-payment-options-fade-away/ Digital divide: Seniors struggle to adapt as cash payment options dwindle

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