DigiKey Launches City Digital Season 3 Video Series

The third season showcases the future of mobility and smart cars

DigiKeyis a global commerce distributor offering the largest range of technology components and automation products in stock for immediate shipment. We’ve released the entirety of Season 3 of City Digital. video seriesexplores the evolution and future of IoT in the automotive industry.

organizer Analog DevicesThe three-part series delves into the future and beyond of automotive technology by examining how electrification, autonomous vehicles, and the connected vehicle ecosystem are changing the way we think about the future of commuting.

DigiKey debuted Season 3 of its City Digital video series in collaboration with Analog Devices.

“The interdependence between IoT and automobiles has advanced over the last decade, with vehicles adding more and more electronic features such as mobile connectivity, environmental sensing and radar each year,” said Kelsey McMillin, partnership marketing manager for IoT at DigiKey. says. “By working with suppliers like Analog Devices, we can provide engineers and designers with the products and tools they need to accelerate the automotive industry.”

“There is probably nothing in your life that you will buy with as much technology as a car,” said Yasmin King, vice president of Analog Devices’ Automotive Cabin Experience Group. “We are putting a lot of effort into envisioning future R&D innovations aimed at addressing some of the most challenging automotive problems, such as accelerating the autonomous driving experience and converging energy grids and electric mobility. is pouring.”

first of three series videoEvolution of Mobility, looks back at the history of the automotive industry and shows the progress and technology of the past decades and the way forward.

The second video, “Powering the Road Ahead,” explores the growing need for charging stations in today’s smart cities. The third and final video, “Creating Sustainable Driving Experiences,” explores how cities of the future are working with automakers to support sustainable manufacturing, energy storage, and next-generation connectivity.

https://www.wnie.online/digikey-launches-city-digital-season-3-video-series/ DigiKey Launches City Digital Season 3 Video Series

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