Diablo Immortal’s launch in China postponed under suspicious circumstances

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Blizzard released the controversial Diablo Immortal two weeks ago in most parts of the world, but was scheduled for release in China on June 23.was.. In a strange statement, Activision-Blizzard announced that it would need to postpone the release to make additional optimizations. However, the update was made because the company’s account on the popular Weibo social network was banned for making critical statements to the Chinese government.

Diablo Immortal Diablo It’s a game, but it was designed from scratch with the help of Chinese game developer NetEase. As a free-to-play game, Diablo Immortal is packed with in-app purchases that allow players to spend a fortune on the most powerful gear. As a result, Blizzard reported $ 24 million in revenue from the game in the first two weeks, which means there is no very lucrative Chinese market.

According to Blizzard (Chinese), the release has been postponed to improve the experience and character model. To make up for the delay, Blizzard promises a bundle of in-game resources and legendary items at game launch. But this statement is hollow to me. Diablo Immortal may be like the hell of microtransactions, but it works very well. Why is Blizzard delayed in launch as it needs to be optimized for China?

Kotaku Pointed out another explanation It is associated with the official account of Blizzard Weibo, a Chinese social media platform similar to Twitter. Screenshots shared online show Blizzard’s post, “Why didn’t the bear come down?” Or “What do you think about bears?” It’s obviously difficult to translate the exact meaning, but many consider this to be a reference to Winnie the Pooh, who is strangely banned in China. The online community uses Xi Jinping’s resemblance to a cartoon bear as a way to criticize the administration, and Xi Jinping is not a fan of comparisons.

Government regulators may also dislike monetization schemes. China has long exercised extraordinary control over the game. Recently, children have declared that they can only play three hours a week. Regulators also regularly request changes to the content of the game before approving its release in China.Even epics It was not possible to make a very popular game like Fornite runnable in China..

Whatever the cause of the delay, it’s probably not as simple as last-minute optimization. Due to this delay, NetEase lost about 10% of its value on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Monday. If you just want to clean up some character models, that’s a high price.

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