DevOps Practical Guide

[Editor’s note: This curated guide was updated in April 2022 to reflect new trends today and to include our most recent content.]

When people, including experts, talk about DevOps, they think too much in terms of technology and methodologies. Then there are people who say it’s just another way to do application development. However, at the core of DevOps is actually a combination of process and corporate culture.

Yes, you need techniques and methodologies such as agile. Yes, it deals with app development, but not the old static development approach that sometimes meets most of the functional requirements planned two years before the rollout.

DevOps is like a ground-shaking change in institutional thinking. It’s about building software and managing support systems to better meet the current and future needs of your business.

As you’ll see from the many Information Week articles in this DevOps Enterprise Guide, companies can implement the DevOps Strategy Center on People, Communication, and Flexibility with the help of technology, automation, and standard methodologies. Find out the challenges and opportunities you face. Effective DevOps teams leverage technology to improve the customer experience, drive sales, and respond to changing business conditions by providing users with the information they need now and in the coming months and years. Offers.

This guide describes the state of DevOps today, why companies need DevOps, how to make the concept successful, mistakes to avoid, and what colleagues have learned from their DevOps experience.

Check out these articles and hundreds of other useful content about IT management, careers, analytics, AI, the cloud and more.

DevOps status

How AI and machine learning are evolving DevOps

Artificial intelligence and ML can help take DevOps to the next level by identifying problems more quickly and further automating the process.

Six DevOps misunderstandings revealed

DevOps is firmly rooted, but there are many myths and misconceptions about this concept that prevent organizations from getting the most out of their teams.

IT backlog in the DevOps era

DevOps and the implementation of more no-code and low-code applications are changing the way organizations engage in software development. Do software maintenance also need to be changed?

What’s blocking DevOps?

DevOps teams are at various stages of maturity. However, there are some common challenges that you will face along the way.

AIOps, DevSecOps, and Beyond: Explore New Aspects of DevOps

The combination of security and artificial intelligence makes DevOps more complex, but it also creates new possibilities for faster delivery.

DevOps status

This special report by Informa’s InformationWeek and Interop teams describes where organizations are making progress with DevOps and where they are facing challenges.

An evolving story about the transition from DevOps to DevSecOps

To avoid costly redoes and slowdowns in your business, you need an automated integrated development approach to create the right balance between speed and risk.

Why DevOps Must Change This Year

Rocked by COVID in 2020, the DevOps team will face new challenges and opportunities over the next 12 months. Let’s see what to expect.

Workflow Concerns Employing Temper Dev Ops in Healthcare

A study by Redgate highlights expectations and reservations for the healthcare sector to jump into the DevOps methodology.


11 Ways DevOps Evolve

While DevOps as a practice is evolving, so is the role within the DevOps team. Below are some descriptions of notable trends.

Q & A: Jayne Groll on the Future from the DevOps Institute

Where do companies find DevOps talent? Through recruitment or re-skilling / training of existing IT staff?

Modern developers don’t sit behind the wall

Fostering developers: Developers need to be able to work seamlessly across their environments. This requires removing the platform from the silo and migrating to the latest hybrid IT architecture.

DevOps tool surge

The proliferation of tools is one of the challenging double-edged swords faced by DevOps-oriented teams.

Why DevOps?

Why DevOps Is Important for Digital Transformation

Organizations need to focus on automation and efficiency to respond to pandemic-driven technology transformation.

How to Align DevOps with your PaaS Strategy

Neither DevOps nor PaaS is new. However, adjusting the two is efficient and cost-effective.

DevOps: Great effort, great benefits

While you may find it easy to integrate dev and ops, DevOps implementations include spanning different silos, cultures, philosophies, ideas, and toolsets. But if you can overcome these natural barriers, the rewards are great.

4 Reasons Your Company May Not Be Ready For DevOps

Make DevOps an organizational culture. This is driven by a team of CEOs and leaders who have a clear understanding of the impact and consequences.

DevOps is not a dirty word

Here’s how Visionary most effectively claims DevOps transformations:

Challenges and rewards for adopting DevOps

As the world moves to the cloud and services, DevOps adoption is increasing. This is because organizations that utilize cloud services are likely to have a dynamic architecture that supports continuous delivery, making them suitable for more iterative deployments.

DevOps 101: Adopting continuous innovation

DevOps requires some hard work and difficult choices, but ultimately it keeps your business competitive and innovative.

Large DevOps 5-step action plan

DevOps can be achieved on an enterprise scale by starting small and creating a dedicated team to effectively use technology patterns and platforms.

Is automation an existing threat to developers?

Automation is alive and well across the enterprise, including DevOps. But if AI can write code, the role of developers will evolve.

Increasing security priorities for DevOps and cloud migration

Research has shown that security may come to mind more and more, but many organizations are not happy with their current foundation in that regard.

Can companies benefit from adopting the database DevOps?

Treating your database like code for deployment may be another step towards transformation, but these are still in the early stages of the process.

Do DevSecOps need observability to get the job done?

The DeveloperWeek panel investigated the potential exposure your organization might face if the DevSecOps cycle does not include app observability.

Success with DevOps

How to Build a DevOps Center of Excellence

Whether you’re new to DevOps or an experienced professional, the DevOps Center of Excellence helps organizations unlock the full potential of DevOps.

How to Fight DevOps and Cloud Skill Gap

Engineers and developers need to get out of their field of expertise and learn more about the secrets to meeting recruitment requirements, according to people familiar with the matter.

Make CI / CD work for the DevOps team

Many DevOps teams are moving on to CI / CD. Some teams are more graceful than others. It helps to recognize common pitfalls and follow best practices.

What the product team can learn from DevOps principles

If your team is considering adopting a product-driven growth business model, take a look at the principles presented by the DevOps team as guidance on how to do it right.

What you need to know when migrating DevOps to a microservices architecture

If your DevOps team is planning to move from a traditional server architecture to microservices, there are clear changes that IT leaders should be aware of.

Strategies to support underserved communities and fill technical work

The non-profit DevOps Academy takes an educational approach to provide career opportunities for underserved people and meet the ongoing demands of IT professionals.

How to leap into DevOps

Creating a DevOps business case is easy, but doing it can be the most difficult leadership task you’ve ever faced. There are three steps that will help you here.

Requires DevOps skills

Engineers, developers, and IT managers are encouraged to consider training in these skill sets to maintain a state of great value to their organization.

Do not run DevOops


Pit pits to avoid when setting up the DevOps Center of Excellence

Building a center of excellence can help you share knowledge with your colleagues and encourage DevOps adoption, but you need to avoid five common mistakes.

DevOps or DevOops?

IT continues to expand its use of DevOps, but there are still some quirks and limitations that are stumbling upon it.

How DevOps Teams Boost Automation

Will automation speed up the process, or will it result in a vulnerable system that requires constant attention and frequent and time-consuming fixes?

Questions to ask about DevOps strategies for on-premises and cloud

Not all enterprises can or want to move to cloud native, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely separated from the benefits of DevOps.

DevOps: Be aware of these five common obstacles

Don’t try to speed up the line in a frozen lake. DevOps is an exciting digital transformation initiative, but keep your eyes wide open as new processes unfold or get stuck.

DevOps user experience

Ancestry’s DevOps strategy for controlling the CI / CD pipeline

Genealogy companies were looking for alternative approaches to enclosing software development and deployment.

Why Credit Karma created a tool to automate DevOps cycles

Private finance companies have created ways to increase efficiency for developing and releasing features from engineers.

Intel shares transformation strategy at DevOps World

Changing support for human behavior and leadership was essential to drive a more agile approach to software and firmware development.

Why Fiserv turned to microservices for API development

The open source cloud-based architecture has helped fintech companies reduce costs and meet developer talent demands. DevOps Practical Guide

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