Designers imagine a dark M2i Mac with a new concept black bezel and 27-inch options.

Apple unveiled the M2 chip at the WWDC 2022 event and made many positive improvements. With the latest chips announced with the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models, it’s only a matter of time before Apple integrates it into other Mac and iPad models. Apple launched the M1 iMac in the first half of 2021, but there is a possibility that the machine will be upgraded in the near future. Now, a new concept has arrived online. It looks like you’re imagining the M2 iMac with a darker color, a black bezel instead of white, and a 27-inch option. Scroll down to read more about the subject.

The M2 iMac concept envisions a black bezel and a larger 27-inch sized dark color option.

The concept of M2iMac is shared by designers Parker Ortrani On Twitter, we’re assuming a new look for dark-colored options. Darker outlooks are imagined in starlight, green, starlight, pink, and blue. To be fair, the new colors look very nice compared to the pastel colors of the current M1 iMac. Apart from this, the designer conceptualized the two sizes of the M2 iMac with the 24-inch and 27-inch models.

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M2iMac concept color

Earlier this year, Apple Mac Studio along with 27 inch Studio Display.. Idealized as a perfect couple, it can be inferred that Apple will not launch the 27-inch iMac soon. But it would be great if Apple offered a larger 27-inch variant of the iMac with an upgraded interior.

M2iMac concept color

Besides the new color options and sizes, designers got aesthetic clues from Studio Display. This means that unlike the white bezel on the M1 iMac, the M2 iMac concept envisions a black bezel. According to Apple, the white bezel easily mixes with the surrounding environment. With a black bezel and dark colors, the M2i Mac certainly gives the table a stealth look.You can check the designer’s concept here..

Everyone, that’s all. What do you think of the dark look of the new concept M2 iMac? Share your preferences in the comments section below. Designers imagine a dark M2i Mac with a new concept black bezel and 27-inch options.

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