Design Team Wins Fair Hope ‘Triangle Property’ Project

Fairhope, Alabama (WKRGMore) – Known as a triangle property because of its shape. Located between Highway 98, Veterans Drive and Homestead Avenue, it’s easy to miss, but everything changes when this land is transformed into a public park.

Fairhope Mayor Sherry Sullivan said, “It’s like walking trails, ADA-accessible trails, and maybe some biking trails.

The city awarded the project to the design team this week. Thompson Engineering is now tasked with figuring out what is possible. This is the first step in developing 108 acres of outdoor space.

“They partnered with a local company here, Watershed, to look at the environmental aspects,” says Sullivan. “Landscape, architects are involved, engineers are involved. Fly he is in the basin of a creek, so he wants the environment to be well managed.”

Part of the funding came from a $1 million GOMESA grant awarded last year. It’s the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act that allows these dollars to go toward conservation and restoration projects. The City of Fairhope will consider how to fund other parts of the project as each phase progresses.

“We will continue to add as funding becomes available and grant opportunities become available,” Sullivan said. “Outdoor classrooms, various things that Boy Scouts could potentially use, classrooms where teachers could take students to see different kinds of turtles.”

The city hopes to open the park by October next year, but it will take several years to complete the full project. A public opinion meeting will be held in the coming months to discuss ideas for the park.

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https://www.wkrg.com/baldwin-county/design-team-awarded-fairhope-triangle-property-project/ Design Team Wins Fair Hope ‘Triangle Property’ Project

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