Deno Deploy moves to GA and adds paid plans

Deno DeployJavaScript, TypeScript, and serverless services for running WebAssembly applications at the edge are nearing general availability with the release of Beta 4. Paid service schedule.

Deno Deploy is generally available for the third quarter of this year. Announced May 24th, Beta 4 will improve the dashboard and add billing capabilities. Users have to pay for higher levels of service. The free plan offers 100,000 requests per day, 100 GiB data transfer per month, and GitHub integration, while the Pro plan, which starts at $ 10 per month, includes as many as 5 million requests per month. It will be. The cost of data transfer is 30 cents per GiB. If you exceed $ 5 million a month, your request will cost $ 2 per million dollars.

The New dashboard The purpose is to make it easier to manage the app. For each project, the developer can view the average CPU time used for each request. Users can adjust the time interval for viewing the analysis between 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. The project log is easier to read and a log level and isolation area filter UI has been added. The project settings page has been refactored with a better UI / UX to make it more intuitive and easy to use. playgroundIt’s easier to use to edit and execute code in a browser, Deno said.

Future releases of Deno Deploy will include caching, CLI interoperability, and improvements in analytics and logging. Deno Deploy is available in 32 regions around the world. The beta version adds three new European regions: Milan, Madrid and Paris.

Deno Deploy integrates the V8 JavaScript runtime with a high-performance asynchronous web server that aims to provide optimal performance without unnecessary intermediate abstractions.Deno is a manufacturer Deno JavaScript / TypeScript runtimeAlternative Node.js..

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