Dell UK Channel Boss on how partners are adapting to APEX and the cloud

Rob Tomlin, Dell’s UK channel boss, said he is seeing vendor resellers adapt to the move to the cloud as a service after APEX is fully released earlier this year.

First unveiled at last year’s Technologies World conference, APEX puts its solutions and services under the banner of one of its consumption-based models.

Immediately after this year’s Dell Technologies World, Tomlin Partner told CRN about the opportunity to wrap their own services in what Dell offersAt a press conference event on Tuesday, he claimed that the strategic shift was well received on the channel.

“I think one of the beauty of Dell and its channel partners is that they’ve been developing such a diverse channel business these days,” he said.

“There are many partners in the middle space. They are hybrid VARs that drive products and provide solutions. These partners are extremely resilient and adaptable, so definitely travel with us. I will go to.

“I think our partners are ready to accelerate until they reach the point where every time they cite a traditional infrastructure, on-premises solution, they are also starting to cite it as a consumption model.

“It only takes time. We need to take people who are accustomed to selling in consumption and capital investment models on that journey.”

With the move to Azua Services, Dell follows in the footsteps of its rival HPE. Recently announced some additions to Green Lake, While Lenovo also recently launched its own consumption-based product..

Tomlin acknowledged that Dell’s products were delivered “slightly behind competitors,” but believes they are “certainly delivered in a very well-structured way.”

“We get so many new logos and small businesses every week,” he added.

“Partners are already gaining momentum. We are creating APEX consumer transactions this quarter and the next quarter, and our partners are seeing a very good return on investment.” Dell UK Channel Boss on how partners are adapting to APEX and the cloud

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