Deepfake is currently helping to resolve crime

Deepfake videos produced by Dutch police can help change negative perceptions of technology.

Deepfake uses generated neural network architectures such as autoencoders and hostile generation networks (GANs) to manipulate or generate visual and audio content.

This technology can generate personal sexual content without consent, cheat, or create deceptive content aimed at changing views and influencing democratic processes. , Already used for malicious purposes.

However, Rotterdam authorities have proven that this technology can be used effectively.

Dutch police have created a deepfake video of 13-year-old Cedar Soares, who was shot dead in 2003 while throwing snowballs with a friend in the parking lot of the Rotterdam subway station. murder.

The video depicts Soares picking up football in front of the camera and walking an honorary keeper in a field of his relatives, friends and former teachers.

“You need to know who killed my beloved brother, that’s why he came back to life for this movie,” says the voice of the video before Soares dropped the ball. ..

“Do you know more? Before his image disappears from the field, his relatives and friends say. Then the video provides police contact details.

We hope that inspiring videos and reminders of what Soares looked like at the time will lead to a jogging memory and a final resolution.

Daan Annegarn, a detective on the National Investigation Communications Team, said:

“We are becoming more and more familiar with how cold cases can be resolved. Science is a personal call to share information that can help beat witnesses and perpetrators of the mind. What is a better way to do that than letting Cedar and his family talk?

The threshold had to be exceeded. There’s nothing to ask relatives:’Can your loved ones come alive with deepfake videos? I’m sure it contributes to the detection, but I’ve never been there.

The family needs to fully support it. “

So far, it seems to have had an impact. Police claim they have already received dozens of tips, but they need to make sure they are reliable. In the meantime, anyone with information is welcome to join us.

“Deepfake deployments aren’t just lucky shots. We’re confident that they can touch your heart in a criminal environment, which means witnesses and perhaps perpetrators can come forward. You can do it, “Concludes Annegan.

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