Death Stranding’s Director’s Cut Appears on PS5, Kojima Removes Tips for Next Project

Hideo Kojima Death Stranding Is one of the late PS4 games that felt like it was looking for a bit more hardware power. I got it on my PC and now I’m getting it on the console. Death Stranding Director’s Cut announced for PS5 Summer Game Fest Kickoff LiveLittle details have been revealed about the PS5 version of Death Stranding, but the game’s public trailer clearly has a Metal Gear Solid feel, so will Kojima work with a bit more stealth action? .. See the trailer below.

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Interestingly, Geoff Keighley also sought to get information from Kojima Productions about what’s next. Older Hideo was the usual evasive self, but he gave some potential tips. It was dropped…

I can’t say specifically. It’s not like the past, not step by step. [The pandemic] As with 9/11 and beyond, it’s a dramatic change: entertainment can’t keep up, so we need to adapt and think of new ways to create it. We have to think about what will happen in the future. If something like an alien comes out, it doesn’t matter what the world is now. I was able to put the concept and idea into shape.

But I always want to incorporate some social elements into the game as the basis of the game to show players what’s happening and maybe they want to think about it. Of course, please enjoy it anytime. With this speed of change, I need to think seriously about what predictions to make and how to introduce ideas to players.

The comment “not one step at a time” seems to strongly suggest that Death Stranding 2 is not being developed at this time, but don’t expect Kojima to return to pure escapism. He still wants to focus on socially relevant themes.

Death Stranding is currently available on PC and PS4 and can be played through PS5 backward compatibility. Death Stranding Director’s Cut is currently undecided on release date, but details are “coming soon”. Death Stranding’s Director’s Cut Appears on PS5, Kojima Removes Tips for Next Project

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