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The guests: Regina BaljireiMIT professor EECS department,and MIT Jameel Clinic.. MacArthur Fellowship or Genius Grant 2017 Winner, AAAI Fellow, and First Winner of the $ 1M AAAI Squirrel Award 2020 for Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of humanity. learn more About Regina Barzilay or connection with her.

This is a rare episode! Host Indy Gupta talks to Regina Barzilay, a dual imgram, a breast cancer survivor, and a highly decorated researcher in natural language processing (NLP) and subsequent medicine (after fighting cancer).

Not only that, but when it comes to dealing with impostor syndrome, you’ll definitely want to listen to one of the best answers that everyone can give.

Recently, Eastern Europe has become news, and recent events are sadly reminiscent of the Soviet Union era. Some of the topics explored in this episode are:

  • How did you grow up in the Soviet Republic in the 1970s and 1980s?
  • What was your experience of being a double immigrant first from Moldova to Israel and then to the United States?
  • How breast cancer triggered a change in research direction.

This episode is full of quirky experiences, motivations, and practical advice stories.

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