Deadmau5 finds a trippy interactive musical journey in the Metaverse game core

Deadmau5’s Oberhasil event takes core players on a journey into a strange, music-driven world.

Core / Manticore game

One of the games that is rippling in the growing Metaverse scene alongside Fortnite and Roblox is the user-generated, focused online game Core. Developed by Manticore Games, Core is an online platform that provides players with the tools to create and share various activities online, and has grown significantly since its debut last year. We take the concept a little further by teaming up with electronic DJ and producer Deadmau5 for an experimental music experience created entirely in Core.

from now on Oberhasil event, Manticore Games, in collaboration with Deadmau5, unveiled some of the latest creation tools using Core, debuting new music and mini-games created by the artist himself. Just before the first live performance debuted on Core on October 15, I experienced an early show at the Oberhasil concert and heard from developers about the current status of the Metaverse game.

For those who are plagued by all of the so-called Metaverse, it essentially removes the barrier between genre and aesthetics, allowing players to blend different types of characters, settings and other activities into a seamless experience. Includes an interactive platform to make. You can take part in a fast-paced, competitive shooter game, or dive into an obstacle course in a game show or an event similar to a strategy simulation involving fantasy characters.

While Fortnite and Roblox are at the forefront of what’s called the Metaverse Experience, Core provides players with open access to developer tools, a way for users to create games and events and share them online with others. Is steadily attracting attention by providing.

The fun of Core lies in the experience of creating elaborate events and building the world that can attract players. That’s all about the Oberhasil Music Festival. Compared to Fortnite’s music concert take, Core’s Deadmau5 event seems to have participated in an elaborate funhouse that quickly transitioned to a surge of weird and vibrant images that felt in harmony with Deadmau5’s signature sound. I felt it was more interactive. Deadmau5 will personally host a show on October 15, 16 and 17, after which the Oberhasil event will be Core’s permanent flagship activity for anyone to check out at their own time.

Participants will begin at the EDM Music Hall, with Deadmau5’s core avatars performing the show. However, when the first major beat falls, the floor collapses, drawing users into a variety of pulsing environments that echo the rhythm of the music. It felt like a light obstacle course in a way, but the end is to see Deadmau5’s music come alive through a trippy visual experience. Immediately after the event, you can dive into a mini-game carefully selected by Deadmau5. This includes a fall guy-style game show where players compete to reach the finish.

Frederic Descamps, CEO of Manticore Games, said Core’s approach has been working for some time.

“The concept of the Metaverse has definitely penetrated the zeitgeist of modern technology and games, and we can say we did it before it was called,” says Descamps. “It was really Tim Sweeney to give credit where it needs credit. [founder and CEO of Epic Games] Many people are paying attention to ReadyPlayer One, but it was really just one of many things that captured the fusion of science fiction and fantasy. The difference in Core is that it is very rooted in UGC (User Generated Content). This idea opens the world to the creativity of almost everyone. That is its beauty. We can see what happens with it. “

The Oberhasil event is, in a sense, the first step towards Core’s mainstream. Core sees one of the first examples of custom-made crossover media for games, as Fortnite has recently infiltrated the online world with concerts, movie trailer debuts, and other real-world media. increase. In the case of Oberhasil, developers say Deadmau5 is the same tools that Deadmau5 needs to create a unique social hub that allows other players to interact with visitors, and a Deadmau5-themed mini-game that connects to a musical experience (created by the artist himself). ) Was used.

Core is still in its infancy compared to other Metaverse games, but it shows great potential for the types of activities that can be created in the game. Currently, Core is on PC exclusively for the Epic Games Store, but Manticore Games developers are looking to extend it to other platforms. In addition to consoles, they’re also experimenting with mobile, planning to allow players to dive into Core and create new experiences on the go. Deadmau5 finds a trippy interactive musical journey in the Metaverse game core

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