Dauphin Island preparing, bay eye mess

Dauphin Island, AlabamaWKRG) — Dauphin Island is preparing to keep an eye on the turmoil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Last year, the island was hit by three storms: Tropical Cyclone Cristobal, Hurricane Sally, and Zeta. And we’re still doing some cleanup from those storms.

“We’re putting it all behind us right now. There are some things that haven’t been done yet. Obviously, we’re on our way to something other than the possibility of another storm. I want to see it go, “said Jeff Collier, Mayor of Dauphin Island.

West End Beach was officially reopened last month after being cleaned up for several months from these storms.

But now the town is preparing for a storm again, disrupting the Gulf of Mexico and potentially raining a few inches.

“We have already moved some things from the West End Beach. For example, some beach mats are of that type. Damages that require the help of sand movement and water pumping. If so, I’m trying to get in touch with the contractor to potentially get involved. There are a few things I’m already preparing for. I didn’t get anything, or I didn’t get anything. ” Said.

Authorities are alerting visitors and residents, but they say they have nothing to worry about yet.

“We need to monitor over time, hoping that things may not be so bad,” Collier said.

The visitors who heard the story are watching the forecast, but they are enjoying the time on the beach for the time being.

“You don’t have to worry until you get here, and we’ll see what happens,” said Keith Milstead, who is from Peoria, Illinois. “We want to have the best possible fun,” added Claudia Brown.

Dauphin Island has an app that posts important information such as breaking news and flag warnings.You can download the app at Apple store Or Google play.. Dauphin Island preparing, bay eye mess

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