Data diodes and high performance computers

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In order for data to reach the device, it must move over the network. However, networks are not always secure, so data must be processed and encrypted before it can be sent to the network.

In this blog, you’ll learn how high-performance computers can help support data diodes, ensuring fast and secure processing and transfer of data across networks.

What is a data diode?

A data diode is a hardware-based device with two transmit-only and receive-only nodes or circuits that allow data to flow in only one direction from the source to the destination.

How do data diodes work?

With a data diode, data can only flow in one direction from a safe area to an unsafe area. This is usually a network-to-device and then another network transmission. Networks with different levels of security are called segmented networks.

Data diodes often consist of communication cards such as: NIC cardIt acts as a pair.

The first card is a “send” card, which has only electronic components that can send data and cannot receive it. The second card is the “receive” card, which contains only the electronic components that allow the transmission of data. This allows data to flow in only one direction.

Data is sent in only one direction, so a barrier is created between the two points. This prevents data leakage and completely protects the outbound network from external network threats.

Why are data diodes important?

As data moves over the network and between devices, intruders and competing elements can invade the network.

Protecting all data leaks on your network with data diodes prevents insecure or hostile networks from passing malware, accessing your system, or accidentally making harmful changes.

Data diodes can send data in real time without compromising network security, protecting valuable information and network infrastructure.

Data diode and trenton system

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At 100G / 40G / 25G / 10G / 1G EthernetThe data is quickly sent to the high co-account processor, which is analyzed and encrypted, after being sent to the data diode and before being sent to the network.

Data diode diagram

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https://www.trentonsystems.com/blog/data-diodes-and-high-performance-computers Data diodes and high performance computers

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