Daphne votes for medical marijuana dispensaries Monday night

Daphne, Alabama (WKRGMore) – The City of Daphne took a big step Monday night as Alabama nears the October deadline for applications for business owners wishing to sell medical marijuana. has passed. Gulf Shores is considering it.

“There are very strict restrictions on who can get it, and very strict restrictions on how it can be presented. You’re talking about suppositories, you’re talking about pills, We’re talking gummies.

Daphne City Council plans to approve a resolution to allow dispensing dispensaries, but Mayor Lejeune said it’s just a form of letting the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission know they’re open to the idea. will eventually approve only four dispensary licenses statewide, with each city going through the process thereafter.

“We still have planning committees, we still have city councils, etc. It’s not just that we start popping up those clinics all over the place,” he explained.

Lejeune had his own personal opinion on the topic. He was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer earlier this year. Although he doesn’t need it, he believes the clinic and these products can help many people.

“When you sit in a center where you’re undergoing chemotherapy and you look around the room, whatever the person needs to go through to get through the day, to get through the treatment, to give them whatever they need. There are people who do,” LeJeune said.

Mayor Lejeune said the pharmacy will operate like a pharmacy and will be closely monitored. WKRG News 5 will announce the results on Monday evening.

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