Daphne Police Help Raise Funds for U.S. Children’s and Women’s Hospitals

Daphne, Alabama (WKRGMore) — Those who went to Sam’s Club on a Friday afternoon may have noticed officers from the Daphne Police Department walking around waving buckets of coins and dollar bills. They were out for good reason. American Children’s and Women’s Hospital.

The event is called “Help a Hero” and Daphne’s Sam’s Club coined the name in honor of the hospital patients, each of whom is a hero. For more than a decade, when the Daphne Sam’s Club called on the Daphne Police Department, they responded to calls for help.

Families with young children who shopped at Sam’s Club were given a child’s police hat and badge as a thank you for the donation.

Sergeant Daphne Police Department Community Resources Division Tobias Pearce said it’s an event he and his colleagues look forward to every year. Pierce also said the Daphne Police Department is fully committed to helping.

“All the money goes to the Miracle Network…it’s medical care for the children’s part of the hospital,” Pierce said.

On Friday, Daphne Police helped raise $1,900 in just four hours at Sam’s Club. The money will be donated directly to hospitals to save lives.

There is still time to participate. The Daphne Fire and Police Departments will rotate daily at Sam’s Club from 10am to 1am through July 14th.

https://www.wkrg.com/baldwin-county/daphne-police-help-raise-money-for-usa-childrens-womens-hospital/ Daphne Police Help Raise Funds for U.S. Children’s and Women’s Hospitals

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