Cynergy Bank CDIO Joins DevOps Live Lineup

Rana will focus on the benefits of DevOps for businesses and how people can manage the barriers that can arise in adopting DevOps practices.

It also describes common barriers organizations face when implementing DevOps, such as resistance to change, cultural differences between teams, and technical challenges to build a DevOps culture and foster an open environment. It provides practical advice on how to overcome these barriers, including strategies for Leverage communications and automation and other tools to streamline processes.

computingof DevOps live In addition to advanced level industry networking, it is an essential platform for understanding how to develop best practice strategies in this area. The event will address the most pressing issues facing DevOps professionals, from high-level definitional debates, to tacking the brass to overcoming challenges in implementing Kubernetes and cloud-native DevOps, to automating code writing. use of AI, or use of SBOM.

Attendees will have the tools, knowledge, and networks to tackle the most pressing challenges facing DevOps professionals in 2023 and beyond.

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https://www.computing.co.uk/news/4090043/cynergy-bank-cdio-joins-devops-live-line Cynergy Bank CDIO Joins DevOps Live Lineup

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