Cyber ​​Optics highlights NEPCON Asia’s new SQ3000 ™ + inspection and measurement system

Cyber ​​Optics® Corporation (NASDAQ: CYBE) is a global developer and manufacturer of precision 3D sensing technology solutions, exhibiting SQ3000 ™ multifunction systems for AOI, SPI, and CMM, and the new SQ3000 ™ + for advanced applications. System Nepcon Asia It was held from October 20th to 21st, 2021 at booth # 1J45 of Shenzhen Convention Center in China.

SQ3000 + is an advanced SMT for advanced packaging, mini LED, medical, military, aerospace and advanced electronic equipment, 008004/0201 Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), Socket Measurement and other Advanced Coordinate Measurements (CMM) ) Ideal for high-end applications such as applications. ..

The SQ3000 + multifunctional system for measurement and inspection is an extension of the award-winning SQ3000 system platform, which is considered best-in-class. The new SQ3000 + offers an unmatched combination of precision and speed, as well as even higher resolution sensors.

The new ultra-high resolution 5 micron Multi-Reflection Suppression ™ (MRS ™) sensor is specially designed for advanced applications with stringent requirements. Proprietary MRS sensor technology incorporates advanced algorithms that meticulously identify and reject reflection-based distortions caused by glossy components and surfaces, enabling high-precision measurements at production speeds. To do.

“Next-generation technologies are smaller, denser, and more complex.” Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, President and CEO of Cyber ​​Optics, said: “We have expanded our MRS sensor portfolio to include higher resolution sensors specifically designed for these advanced applications to maximize customer yields and improve processes.”

Cyber ​​Optics’ SQ3000 and SQ3000 + multifunctional systems can identify critical defects and measure critical parameters to fix what is detectable and control what is measurable. In addition to AOI and SPI applications, precision in-line coordinate measurements can be performed faster than traditional coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) in seconds instead of hours.

Both systems include Cyber ​​CMM ™, an extensive software suite for measuring measurement grades at all critical points, and AutoTeach, which significantly speeds up setup, simplifies processes, and reduces training. Includes the latest 3DAOI software that provides ultra-fast programming features such as AutoDefine and AutoTune. Strive to minimize operator interaction.

For more information, please visit: cyberoptics.com

http://smttoday.com/2021/09/16/cyberoptics-highlights-the-new-sq3000-inspection-and-metrology-system-at-nepcon-asia/ Cyber ​​Optics highlights NEPCON Asia’s new SQ3000 ™ + inspection and measurement system

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