Currently, one in three Americans is “warned” by climate change. Why not our leader?

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New results from long-term polls show that about one in three Americans is currently “warning” by global warming. Isn’t it strange given the horrific onslaught of fires, floods, heat waves and other climate disasters we experienced last year alone?

The proportion of the U.S. adult population warning of global warming has almost doubled from 18% in the last five years to a record high of 33%, about half of that increase from December 2020 to September 2021. Occurred in the meantime. George Mason University reported Wednesday as part of a national survey twice a year. Approximately 59% of Americans are either “warning” or “concerned” about climate change and, as a whole, are becoming more involved and supportive of policies to reduce global warming pollution.

The change in public opinion is certainly driven by experience. According to a recent Washington Post analysis, more than 40% of Americans live in counties that were hit by climate-related disasters in 2021. This is an extreme situation that gets worse as the temperature continues to rise due to greenhouse gases.

But what’s even more surprising to us is how our government isn’t keeping pace with the rapidly evolving views of Americans on climate change, and in the face of deepening emergencies in states and federal states. The leader is doing almost nothing. Instead of taking decisive action to reduce emissions, switch to renewables and phase out fossil fuel production, U.S. greenhouse gas emissions have returned after the pandemic-induced dip. Even so, our government is still trapped in the mud.

President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill includes $ 555 billion Renewable energy It’s a clean mode of transportation and will be the country’s biggest step in combating climate change, but it’s stuck in Congress. Despite its reputation as an environmental champion, California is not on track to reach its greenhouse gas reduction goals. The goal itself is inadequate and is currently lagging behind other states and countries. Meanwhile, the legislature was unable to advance ambitious and necessary climate legislation, including measures to set stricter emission reduction targets and initiate a phased abolition of oil drilling. It suffers from fossil fuel pollution and major health hazards.

Anthony Reisellowitz, who leads the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, which has been conducting climate opinion surveys for the past 14 years, said: Global warming In recent months, it reflects a similarly sharp increase in the proportion of Americans who believe. Climate change Affecting the weather, harming people, and having them personally experience the effects.That change coincided with a year of cruel climate disasters and media coverage that is increasingly linking points between extreme weather and warming. climate..

Reisellowitz sees the emergence of “fundamental changes in society” that can quickly spill over into political behaviour, as well as same-sex marriage and other rapidly changing problems. “You are beginning to see a coalition of powerful civic movements that require leaders, both business and government leaders, to act.”

I hope so. We lack time to avoid catastrophic warming, and vague and weak politicians endanger our future with inaction and half-hearted measures that are increasingly in conflict with public opinion and reality. I can’t allow you to be exposed to. Leaders must stop treating the destruction of the Earth as one of many pet problems. It is a decisive threat of our time and they should be put into action.

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