Crypto-Tennis: Davis Cup Organizers collaborates with Blockchain Provider Chiliz to release fan tokens

The International Tennis Federation and Davis Cup organizer Cosmos Tennis have agreed to sign a deal with blockchain provider Chiliz to launch the official Davis Cup fan token, a platform known for launching football club fan tokens. .. The fan token in question, named “$ DAVIS Fan Token”, gives fans of top-notch tournaments access to numerous contests and interactive content about tennis contests, which are widely compared to the World Cup. ..

According to the report by Naira metricsThese fan-specific engagement opportunities for $ DAVIS fan token holders have the opportunity to comment and vote on many initiatives by participating in interactive voting performed on the app. included. As a platform, boasts 1.2 million users worldwide and employs blockchain technology to provide the world’s leading sports organizations with the tools to engage with their global fan base and generate revenue. It has established itself as a direct sales platform.

The number of tokens offered for sale and the price of each is not yet clear. But what we know is that this year’s Davis Cup final will be held from November 25th to December 5th in three different cities: Madrid, Innsbruck and Turin. Participants will feature 18 countries divided into three six groups.

Enric Rojas, CEO of Kosmos Tennis, explains: Traveling around the world with COVID is still complicated, but with Fan Tokens, fans can feel part of the event. “

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