Crypto-Quantique integrated into Microchip IoT tools

Crypto QuantiqueIs a quantum-driven cybersecurity specialist for the Internet of Things (IoT), QuarkLink onboarding and device management technology for IoT devices. Microchip Trust Platform Suite tool. Adopting QuarkLink means that customers can own a public key infrastructure (PKI) and build a zero trust security environment in their IoT network. This is an important aspect of best practices, as defined by major standards bodies. By integrating QuarkLink into the TrustPlatform Design Suite tool, you can provision thousands of IoT devices and onboard to one or more servers through the QuarkLink user interface. No crypto expertise is required to build a secure and scalable IoT infrastructure or manage IoT devices throughout their lifecycle. The Microchip ATECC608BTrustFLEX is part of the CryptoAuthentication ™ family of Trust Platforms and is an MCU processor-independent secure element with hardware-based cryptographic accelerators and key storage. The TrustFLEX Secure Element comes with a predefined configuration that supports the most common IoT authentication use cases. If either the device’s pre-provisioned generic thumbprint certificate or OEM DayZero certificate is used for authentication, the QuarkLink certificate for TLS-based authentication can now manage both chains of trust. This enables onboarding to a wider range of cloud-based or on-premises application servers. Supported cloud platforms are AWS, Azure and Mosquito. The Over-The-Air (OTA) feature of the connected product allows you to add new features and remotely close security vulnerabilities, ensuring device life and security. The QuarkLink roadmap includes the ability to encrypt and sign firmware that can be delivered to the connected device OTA. QuarkLink’s easy-to-use GUI allows customers to recognize that it is implemented using the latest security technology and take full advantage of OTA capabilities. Shahram Mossayebi, CEO of CryptoQuantique, said: After so many attention-grabbing cyberattacks on IoT devices, chip-to-cloud security by design is becoming essential. The Microchip Trust Platform was a major step forward in the security of IoT devices when it was first introduced. By supporting QuarkLink on the Trust Platform, TrustFLEX customers will have greater flexibility, time savings and lower cost ways to implement IoT security on a large scale. For more information, Microchip blog Learn more about TrustFLEX and CryptoQuantique’s QuarkLink IoT platform integration.You can also try with Trust Platform Design Suite v2.2 software.

https://www.electronicsweekly.com/news/business/crypto-quantique-integrated-microchip-iot-tool-2022-05/ Crypto-Quantique integrated into Microchip IoT tools

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