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Next Gen Makers has launched an Engineering Apprentice: Best Practices Program in what is said to be the first in the UK manufacturing and engineering industry. This is an initiative designed to help companies overcome skill challenges and build talent for future success.

The program provides manufacturers with the tools they need to better plan, attract and maintain apprenticeships, and engineering and manufacturing companies of all sizes have successfully implemented apprenticeship programs for some time. It provides a number of resources to enable you to replicate the proven methods adopted by your company.

Resources include an extensive online video library that includes video interviews with various manufacturers who have successfully implemented an apprenticeship, a toolkit that includes a “how-to” guide, and quarterly virtual peer-to-peer that allows you to share ideas and solve problems. Includes meetups.

The program is built around sharing best practices to help manufacturers learn from each other, discover proven technologies to bridge skill gaps, and improve productivity, innovation, profitability and growth. Secure the talent you need to support.

The start of a best practice program takes place when the industry faces some of the biggest challenges to date. According to a government survey, within five years, 20% of the existing workforce will retire, and the industry lacks as many as 186,000 young engineers who need to participate each year to exacerbate the problem. It is estimated that This contract talent pool. As a result, the window for building a strong and competent workforce is narrowing and the skill gap is widening.

Adam Tipper, Managing Director of Next GenMakers, commented:

“The work we’ve done in recent years has shown that it’s only part of the solution and keeping young engineers in the industry is a much bigger problem. Our research shows that on average 5 Only two of the apprentices are well retained, which we believe depends on the manufacturer’s ability and confidence to succeed in the apprenticeship system.

“Interestingly, some manufacturers are completely unaware of skill gaps. These are why employees’ skills need to be guaranteed in the future and how doing so to achieve their business goals. A company that really understands how to contribute to.

“Such manufacturers have successfully implemented apprenticeship programs and embraced apprenticeship culture in their businesses. We have worked with these successful businesses and learned how to do so. Through best practice programs. , Bringing together business leaders to share a blueprint consisting of proven methods for attracting and retaining young talent over the long term. “

To develop engineering best practices programs, Next Gen Makers is working with its key partner, MSC Industrial Supply Co. UK, to help customers improve efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness. I’m out.

Dave Darby, Managing Director of MSC, said: Not only is this a cost-effective way to address skill deficiencies, it’s also an approach to increasing employee energy and enthusiasm to help improve performance. You can grow your apprentices and the industry by helping them take the first steps in a rewarding career and receive the training they need to develop new skills.

“The next-generation manufacturers’ efforts to promote this are excellent and we are proud to support the launch of a groundbreaking best practice program.”

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