Court proceedings shed new light on the shootings at Rad Peable’s

Mobile, Alabama (WKRG) —Mobile police say the shootings at Ladd-Peebles Stadium last month were related to gangsters.

This new detail was revealed in court today as two suspects charged with attempted murder stood in front of the judge. The detective told the court that the nicknames and slang used by the parties involved were related to known gangsters and to past police reports in which they were involved. According to police, gang rivals were shot in a Williamson-Bigger football game on October 15, injuring five people.

The defense counsel for the unidentified 15-year-old boy denied the gang’s affiliation, but was part of this shooting.

“There is no evidence that he is involved with the gang,” Art Powell said.

Dennis Nisley, on behalf of the second suspect, Jay Scott, said: Now, he may be a member of the gang with which he is involved, but the gang’s affiliation, if any, has nothing to do with what happened. “

Another victim told police that the debate stemmed from a previous incident in the B C Rain-Leflore game two weeks ago.

In court, the prosecutor went live with a detective investigating what happened that night.
From an investigation in Rudd and a camera, the detective said three suspects (15-year-old boys Jai Scott and Hezakia Belfon (still sought after)) left the stadium after the third quarter and sat in Scott’s car. Smoke a cigarette that said he was seen. Both Belfon and the boy took the gun out of the car and brought it into the Rad after the metal detector was removed.

Near the end of the fourth quarter, Scott can be seen arguing with one of the victims, Jacoby Morgan, near the kiosk. As the debate continued, Scott entered the slope and walked away, with Morgan and 15-20 men turning the corner of the slope toward the three suspects.

Scott’s lawyer claimed that the alleged attempted murder was too harsh, saying, “Mr. Scott, my client didn’t have a gun. At best he turned around and spoke to someone yelling at him. Then he turned to leave the stadium, and another shot people-that’s it. ”

Powell says the same thing — his client had a gun, but he never fired. “I understand the court’s ruling on this matter, but nevertheless my client was simply present. He didn’t shoot anyone. He didn’t point his gun at anyone. . ”

The detective said there were at least a dozen witnesses who hadn’t appeared before. In both cases, it will be sent to the grand jury. Court proceedings shed new light on the shootings at Rad Peable’s

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