Council approves 6-month extension to limit boat rentals in Port of Destin

Destin, Florida (WKRGMore) — The Destin City Council voted unanimously on Monday night to extend the moratorium on painting vessels for an additional six months.

A moratorium introduced in 2019 will prevent all current painting vessel operations from adding new boats to their fleets if they are operating out of port. The ordinance was passed with a motion to conduct a full harbor capacity study on boat traffic and the environmental impact of felts on the harbor.

A livery vessel is defined as a temporary rental vessel. SB 606 will enter into force in January 2023, changing the language and rules for painted vessels.

A “livery” is defined as someone who offers a ship for others to use in exchange for something.
the type of consideration if such person does not provide the lessee or even the lessee
captain, crew or staff or personnel of any kind operating, supervising, maintaining or managing

Florida SB 606

According to the ordinance, when starting a business, current boats can be transferred from existing companies, but new boats are prohibited.

The moratorium was requested to be made permanent by Mayor Gary Jarvis in October. Council members have approved an ordinance to consider extending the suspension until June 2023, when the port’s capacity study is completed and new legislation takes effect.

US Army Corps of Engineers liberated The preliminary port survey results were submitted to the Council in October.

Average daily traffic to and from Destin Harbor:

fishing charter tour charter livery pontoon personal pontoon personal ship yacht jet ski non motor craft total average
holiday weekend 61 234 470 191 833 8 388 19 2,204
Regular holiday 74 340 587 124 531 9 404 twenty two 2,091
weekday 97 282 466 124 252 11 294 14 1,540
Preliminary figures released Oct. 3 by USACE

A decision to make the moratorium permanent will likely be made in April 2023, when the Council can fully review the USACE research data.

In 2017, the city began negotiations for a paint boat permit.

“The City Council has heard concerns that (1) Destin Harbor congestion is being disproportionately affected by vessel proliferation;
number of inexperienced and ineffective seafarers.
Danger to public health, safety and welfare; (2) proliferation of blood vessels;
Rentals contribute to the deterioration of water quality in and around Destin. ”

Destin City Agenda Item Description – 2022-5983

https://www.wkrg.com/northwest-florida/okaloosa-county/council-approves-6-month-extension-limiting-rental-boats-in-the-destin-harbor/ Council approves 6-month extension to limit boat rentals in Port of Destin

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