Coronavirus Summary: OSHACO VID-19 standard comes into effect.Biden wants a permanent HHS inspector

The Government Accountability Office said in a recently announced report During the pandemic, there was a “potential racial and ethnic disparity” among the unemployment insurance recipients of the three pandemics programs. “For example, according to Census Bureau survey data, 80% of white applicants receive benefits compared to 73% of black applicants,” the report said. .. “We could not determine the reason for these differences, but the results suggest that states may approve or process unemployment benefits in different ways for applicants of different races and ethnic groups. GAO said it is continuing its investigation, but said it would like to share preliminary results before these programs end in September. Here are some of the other recent headlines you might have missed.

COVID-19 emergency temporary standards (applicable only to the medical industry) Federal Register It came into effect on Monday. This is a provisional final rule and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is seeking comment by July 6 on whether it should be the final rule.

OSHA under the Biden administration has stepped up its implementation of coronavirus workplace protection. Bloomberg method report on Monday. Five months after the administration, OSHA “issued more than three times more federal law breach of general obligations than it did during the Trump administration,” the report said. “OSHA has also increased the number of workplace inspections where Covid-19 can be dangerous, even if the employer or worker has not reported a complaint to the authorities.” The fines proposed below are about the same.

Biden announced on Friday that it intends to appoint Christi Grimm, who is currently acting as an inspector for health and welfare services, as a permanent candidate. Grimm, who has been in office since January 2020 but has been working since 1999, fired early in the pandemic on a report from then-President Trump about the huge supply shortage facing the hospital.

Politico It was published Deep dive On Monday, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, how to manage the institution that employees felt depressed and on the sidelines under the Trump administration, as well as the challenge of reopening the country. About navigating. Government communications regarding changes to guidance and the deployment of these changes, as well as restrictions on CDC staff speaking to the media, are controversial, the report said.

The White House is considering ending a Trump-era public health order that would allow authorities to oust migrant families at the border as early as July 31. Axios report on Sunday. The order was intended to prevent the influx of coronavirus infections into the United States. “The administration is [American Civil Liberties Union]The proceedings aimed at the practice of expelling family members were temporarily suspended, “the report said. “Thousands of families have been repatriated to Mexico in title 42 in recent months, but since March this policy has been applied to less than half of family encounters … the government also has more. We have set up a process to exempt immigrants from the title. Due to humanitarian concerns 42. ”

The CDC Advisory Board on Vaccine Safety, scheduled last Friday, was rescheduled with observations on June 16, just a federal holiday...The discussion will be part of the committee’s meeting on June 23-25, CDC says. website..

from now on: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki will give a briefing at 1pm

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