Consumer confidence exceeds pre-pandemic levels

consumer According to the report, this month’s confidence rose to -7. GfK‘NS Consumer trust An index that exceeds previously reported pre-pandemic levels.

The index that measures changes in personal finance last year was -1, an increase of 3 points compared to July 2020, but the forecast for personal finance over the next 12 months is +11, 11 points from this time last year. It became expensive. ..

Meanwhile, the country’s general economic situation measurements over the last 12 months were -43, up 4 points, 18 points higher than in July 2020. Expectations for general economic conditions over the next 12 months have fallen by 3 points. Up to -5, this was 36 points higher than in July 2020.

The major purchase index rose 7 points to +2 in July. This is 28 points higher than last July.

Joe Staton, GfK, Director of Client Strategy, said: This means that it has been strong or improving for the sixth straight month. Expectations for personal finance remain strong over the next 12 months, with a dramatic surge in major buying sub-major this month, and shoppers agree that it’s the right time to buy. ..

“A healthy 7-point rise in key buying indicators is in line with strong retail growth, which reflects the UK’s gradual unlocking. Main street Relieving disgusted demand when the British hit stores, restaurants and venues. ”

He added:

“Consumers are aware of these pressures, judging from the recent decline from -2 to -5, in terms of the general economy over the next 12 months. What will happen over the remaining summer months , Will constitute consumer confidence for the rest of 2021 and beyond. “ Consumer confidence exceeds pre-pandemic levels

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