Construction on N McGregor Avenue ahead of schedule

Mobile, Alabama (WKRGMore) — Traffic delays on Old Shell Road will be eased as soon as N McGregor’s construction project is completed, but this traffic jam will hit the road early in the school year.

The N. McGregor project began on January 9th of this year and was expected to take a year to complete. However, it is scheduled to end at the end of August, just seven months later.

“Contractors are well ahead of schedule,” said city engineer Nick Amberger.

Residents of neighborhoods adjacent to the project say traffic is terrible.

“Horrible, terrible, almost all day,” said Diane Kilpatrick.

And with schools on the horizon, residents are bracing for even longer delays.

“If it’s half what it used to be, it’s going to be overloaded,” said David Bostic.

The Mobile County School District will begin classes on August 7th. There are six schools near this construction site where the driver will feel the effects of school zone delays. Amberger said these expected delays would be similar to the spring semester.

“Everyone should be patient. This project started before school holidays so traffic was adjusted. Obviously there were challenges and people didn’t like the extra commute, but We ask that you be patient,” Amberger said.

Amberger said such delays are worth the wait because the project will increase traffic, ensure pedestrian safety, and encourage on-street parking for nearby businesses.

“Slow down when going through a traffic zone, which means your friends and neighbors work there. So slow down, be patient and cautious,” Amberger said. rice field.

https://www.wkrg.com/mobile-county/construction-on-n-mcgregor-avenue-is-ahead-of-schedule/ Construction on N McGregor Avenue ahead of schedule

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