Congressmen claim Quantum-level security in the pre-Quantum world

Even the top nations pursuing quantum technology are years away from viable quantum computers, but Republican Rep. Nancy Mace will set standards today to protect data from such technologies in the future. I’m asking Congress.

Against the backdrop of massive hacks into critical US infrastructure such as SolarWinds and Colonial Oil Pipeline, public and private industry leaders are using powerful quantum algorithms to network from hackers to access traditionally stored data. We are taking preemptive measures to protect computer systems.

Hackers are also looking to the future, capturing data that is currently undecryptable, so when it becomes available, they can put the data into quantum-enabled cryptanalysis software.

Mace and two other lawmakers were introduced Bipartisan law Called monday Quantum Computing Cyber ​​Security MeasuresThe aim is to prepare the federal network for a major transition to post-quantum cryptography standards.

“When it comes to cyber [security]When it comes to quantum computing, we need to make sure we have a government-wide strategy for quantum technology, quantum cryptography, to protect our data and the data of people in our country. ” Mr. Mace said. Nextgov..

She is one of the main sponsors of the bill, along with D-Calif’s Ro Khanna and D-Va’s Gerry Connolly. Mace, who sees cybersecurity as a new defense frontier, sees her bill as a key preparation to pioneer the software upgrades needed to protect critical data infrastructure from quantum hacking targets.

The bill requires regulators to devise a new federal approach to modernization and to stay ahead of the development of quantum technology. As part of this, through the National Institute of Standards and Technology, we are setting new device standards for both public and private institutions to avoid sacrificing quantum decoding of sensitive digital information.

“That’s really … what the challenges of the private sector are, and provide businesses with the resources they need to protect their data and counter what’s happening by actors trying to harm us. It’s about understanding where it can be most helpful to do, “she said.

The enemies mentioned by Mace mainly include China and Russia, both of which are listed as follows: Main rivals In the US quantum R & D competition. Russia’s ongoing attacks on Ukraine are raising sentiment towards Hill, both physically and in cyberspace, to take early steps to prevent advanced cyberattacks on US systems.

Important to this effort is to enable government and private offices to move to post-quantum cryptography to withstand preemptive quantum hacking.

Some experts estimate that the world is rough 7 to 10 years ahead From a functional quantum computer, Mace is a “challenge” to enable a national digital overhaul to quantum algorithm encryption, updating preemptive encryption amid a surge in hacking and ransomware attacks. Is guaranteed.

“Sometimes our government-our … regulation, our policy-we don’t step into businesses and give them room to build the assets and technologies they need to keep protecting. Increasingly future consumer data. ”

NIST and the Office of Management and Budget are two agencies responsible for directing post-quantum guidance for all digital networks within a federal agency, but Mace basically all agencies develop quantum cybersecurity expertise. I think it is necessary.

Some institutions, i.e. Department of Homeland SecurityHas already taken steps in parallel with the bill by issuing a roadmap to strengthen computer networks against quantum algorithm hacks.

“This will be a problem that all cyber experts need to be familiar with,” she said, saying that private companies are adopting a strategy of alternating experts between companies to learn from each other. Stated. government.

The bill has gained support from major private companies involved in the development of quantum technologies such as IBM, Google, QuSecure, Maybell Quantum and Quantinuum.

“We need to prepare for the future,” she said. “We have to get ready.” Congressmen claim Quantum-level security in the pre-Quantum world

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