Congressman Andy Biggs Challenges McCarthy

Rep. Andy Biggs (R, Arizona) announced his candidacy for the House late Monday, challenging House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R, Calif.) for the nomination for the Republican convention post.

“I think there is a new paradigm here and the country wants a different direction than the House. .

“Let’s get the job done and see if we can vote,” Biggs said. “It’s going to be tough. I mean, Kevin – Kevin has raised a lot of money and done a lot. I think it’s a problem.”

The challenge from Biggs, former chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, came when House Republican hopes for a red wave ran into ripples in last week’s midterm elections. is not yet in favor of the Republican Party, but we believe the Republican Party will eventually have a small majority.

McCarthy must win a majority of Republican House members in a secret ballot on Tuesday to secure the congressional nomination. All members of the House will then vote on the floor on the first day of the new Congress in January. Assuming all 435 members of Congress will be sworn in on that day, McCarthy needs at least 218 votes to secure the presidency.


https://www.wkrg.com/national/rep-andy-biggs-to-challenge-mccarthy-for-speaker/ Congressman Andy Biggs Challenges McCarthy

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