Concrete has a huge carbon footprint.Graphene can change that

Concrete is described as: the most destructive substance on earthAfter water, it is the most used substance in the world, twice as much as steel, wood, plastic and aluminium. Combined.

More than 4 billion tons of cement are produced each year to make all this concrete. According to the Chatham House Think Tankwhich produces about 8% of all CO2 emissions. all trucks around the world.

Cement manufacturers urgently need to reduce this footprint.To To meet the requirements of the Paris Agreement on climate change, the industry needs to reduce emissions. at least 16% At the same time, the sector is facing increasing demands due to rapid urbanization and population growth.

It’s a matter of anticipation. But engineers believe graphene offers a solution.

“We only need 0.01% of the material.

First isolated at the University of Manchester in 2004, the 2D nature of graphene offers a unique combination of strength, flexibility, lightness and conductivity. These properties caught the attention of British construction firm Nationwide Engineering.

The company’s haunting acronym, R&D subsidiary NERD (Nationwide Engineering Research and Development), “Wonder material” as a new additive: concrete.