Computer microphone listens even when muted

Many people are working remotely, so now everyone should know How it works in Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings.. The camera captures all movements and the microphone captures faint sounds, even if no one thinks they’re watching.

Most people think that muting your computer’s microphone gives you complete privacy. It should be, but it isn’t.

Read on to see how Mike is secretly listening to everything you say.

This is the inside story

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have discovered that the device’s microphone continues to listen after pressing the mute switch.

Researchers haven’t named the specific application that does this, but it strongly suggests that it’s most video and conference call apps. In a blog postAccording to research, all apps tested “may collect raw audio data when mute is active.”

If it’s not bad enough, the audio will be sent to the hosting platform’s server. The team further explains that in at least one instance, the app was “delivering data to the server at the same speed regardless of whether the microphone was muted.”

Also, it doesn’t matter if you use the built-in microphone or an external microphone, as it is the platform software that determines the behavior of the microphone. The research team will present the findings to the panel at the Privacy-Enhancing Technology Symposium in July.

What you can do about it

The best way to make sure it’s actually muted during a video chat is to mute the chat program and the microphone you’re using. For an external microphone, unplug it. If you are using earphones, you can mute the earphone microphone. The combination of muted chat program and microphone should work.

This technique is called “double muting” and mutes itself in applications and devices.

To mute the microphone with the settings of Windows computer:

  • Right click Start button Click Setting..
  • click systemafter that sound..
  • under input, Mike should be Device properties..
  • There are two options here.Set the microphone volume to zero or click To disable button.

Don’t forget to re-enable it before you speak. You can also right-click the microphone icon on the taskbar and click. Open volume mixer Mute the microphone.

To Apple Mac:

  • click Apple buttonafter that System Preferences..
  • click sound followed by input..
  • In the next window, move the microphone volume slider to the left to mute.

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