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TerraMaster F2-210

type NAS storage solution

price $ 159.99

I had the opportunity to test TerraMaster F2-210A double bay NAS that is perfect for consumers with its small form factor and cost-friendly solution. It provides homes and small businesses with the ability to use cloud-based software, storage, and security to give anyone wireless access at home or in the office.

The setup was very easy. After downloading the TerraMaster TNAS PC application, I’m ready to go. It took less than 10 minutes to place the NAS storage in the two bays, download the software, and perform the setup steps. This process is very user-friendly and is ideal for first-time users of wireless NAS storage solutions.

TerraMaster Announces First 5-Bay D5 Thunderbolt 3 RAID Storage Device, Boasting Transfer Speeds Up to 1035MB / s

TerraMaster F2-210 NAS specification

Internally, the TerraMaster F2-210 utilizes an ARMV8 64-bit quad-core processor. Depending on the configuration, the F2-210 operates at frequencies up to 1.4 GHz and can reach read / write speeds of up to 124 MB / s. It provides cloud data storage and backup solutions, multimedia file management, remote access to everything on the NAS, and other features such as torrent file downloads. On the product website, TerraMaster states that the cost of the F2-210 is “half the price of a NAS with an Intel x86 quad-core processor.” With a price tag of $ 159.99, I would have to agree that you are getting pretty good at such a low cost.

With a plastic latch and an aluminum casing with edges, TerraMaster makes it easy to load compatible 2.5 “to 3.5” NAS compatible drives. The 2.5-inch Seagate IronWolf 125 SSD 500GB NAS built-in solid-state drive used in this review was easy to install using the screws that came with TerraMaster. I chose a plastic latch to secure both bays, so each bay when removing and inserting each bay In fact, looking at product reviews from customers and the information I got, it’s not the latch itself, but from the end The emphasis is on gently pushing the buy-in. Once inserted, you can then gently push down on the latch.

You can see why TerraMaster chose this particular style of build for cost-effectiveness. The biggest concern I had about it was that I or someone else using it in my house could take the drive out and switch to another drive, push it in, or handle it incorrectly. If you break the latch system in the bay. To process. Again, I understand the constraints to keep costs down, but I’m also thinking about a business that has employees working on NAS setup and is breaking it for the sake of their business. If it were a slightly more stable latching system, I would probably be less worried and allow other members of the family to work with the NAS enclosure. Thank you for including a Philips screwdriver to install the drive in the bay, but it wasn’t necessary and could probably be removed from the product, reducing costs a bit and leaving no additional tools for the consumer Probably. Must have in their home or office.

TerraMaster F2-210 NAS Solution: Compact design with many features

The F2-210 can be turned on and off via TNAS PC software with TerraMaster’s in-house OS called Linux-based TOS. On the front are indicators for power, LAN, and both HDD bays. It was very quiet and the only thing I noticed was a beep that let me know it was running on. On the back of the F2-210, there are two USB 3.0 ports, a Gigabit LAN port and a power port. We haven’t found a use for the USB 3.0 port yet, but I think small businesses can find one.

NS HDD compatibility Is on their site and has a total capacity of 36TB with two of the largest compatible NAS HDDs listed, which is amazing for this model. Most, if not all, TerraMaster NAS solutions have recently been upgraded to PLEX multimedia software compatibility. Watching a movie is very easy, and with all the DVDs, VHS tapes (some I still have), and a digital backup of Blu-ray, I can fill the F2-210 without any problems. Compatible HDD. Again, 36 TB is more than most homes would need, and with up to 10 users, its storage size is better suited for organizations and small businesses. The data transfer rate was very fast, and it took less than 20 seconds for a 10GB file to enter the drive. The download speed was the same.

When talking about software options for users, they offer some free applications through the TOS Application Center. This includes backup, security, home and business utilities, multimedia options, and some development tools. For home use, PLEX was the main use and Dropbox was the secondary use of the F2-210. However, small businesses basically build small servers for storage, utilize mail servers and web servers, FTP, MySQL, CRM, Java virtual systems, and other applications suitable for small business settings. You can use the utilities of. All the apps I used were very user-friendly and got rid of a lot of headaches in the process.

Finally, it also provides the ability to control the F2-210 via a smartphone using the smart mobile app. I had no problems accessing the hardware I was using and some of the software. We found that many other users are experiencing it on the App Store page. TerraMaster may have fixed an issue that was occurring with the latest update.


A budget-friendly NAS solution for both small businesses and families with technical experience.



Design and aesthetics7


Strong Points

  • Easy to set up, fast, user friendly


  • Slightly fragile, not suitable for everyone, ideal for small offices and small businesses

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