Comment: Hire a consultant to focus on your business

With the help of independent experts, Dr. David Stewart, HSSMI’s Engineering Director, is for many automakers to accelerate the scale-up of new technologies in increasingly fast-moving, competitive and complex environments. It states that it is becoming an indispensable solution.

According to a study by Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, the average person has 6,200 thoughts every day. But when trying to solve a particular problem, unblocking obstacles on the development path, or understanding the impact of new disruptive technologies, even that number of thoughts can capture the breadth of the problem. It doesn’t seem to be close enough. hand.

With more challenges every day, such as parts supply issues and the need to achieve net zero, it is becoming increasingly difficult for leaders to focus on long-term strategies. These issues are alongside the urgent need to scale up electric drivetrain and vehicle production, especially if the required systems and resources are not yet in place, or if the scaling path is particularly difficult and complex. Often there is.

But the answer is no more thoughts, at least not more thoughts from the same people.

Remove the barrier to success

Providing innovative thinking is a major role of any consulting organization. There is no doubt that a new thinking process has never been so crucial in the history of the automotive manufacturing industry. Good consulting can be the key to achieving sustainable growth and can be the difference between failure and survival.

Even the best and best leaders can greatly benefit from their support in defining the company’s vision for the future. In addition to expertise and experience, this task provides a complete understanding of the issues and trends in the market sector and general industry, where the company is now, where it needs to be reached, and how it will be reached. You need time to make decisions and concentration that doesn’t distract you. Complete the big picture.

Focus on a single issue

With myriad other issues to tackle to get the company on track every day, devote enough time to paying uninterrupted and keen attention to focus on creating solutions to important strategic issues. Few leaders can. It is at this point that experienced consultants can participate to provide a strategic role for manufacturing organizations to provide a clear vision that enables them to transform their competitiveness and achieve their goals.

Independent professionals can dial in purely to a single task given, without having to take responsibility for or distract from other issues. S / He provides the overview, complete rigor, and spiritual discipline needed to move the task forward and create a clear roadmap for planning where the company needs to be. I can.

The demand for consultants is higher than ever, as the automotive industry faces challenges in every aspect. However, recognizing the need to use the services of a consultant is, so far, only necessary for a company to solve its problem. Choosing the right consultant is even more important.


Analysis, overview, and strategy can be provided from the comfort of the meeting room, but other challenges require experienced, hands-on component solutions. Often this is an urgent need. Most consultants understand that they can quickly deploy professionals with specific skill sets, contacts, and expertise that are highly sought after in related automotive areas such as battery technology, propulsion, and digital manufacturing. Guaranteed. It is often not economically efficient for OEMs to hire the necessary individuals full-time. However, consultants can amortize the cost of this expertise across multiple projects and clients to create an overall enhanced package.

Consultant firms should never overlook the fact that companies are investing in using their services. In order to provide the best possible service to our clients, consultancy companies must continue to invest in themselves.

Quick reaction force

By providing accurate and customized solutions, HSSMI can respond quickly and reliably and resolve issues quickly. Effective consulting firms offer quick turnarounds, launch projects in just a few weeks, implement key technical skills in numerous client projects, and full-time employees, as there is no need to delay recruitment campaigns. You can amortize costs while exceeding your reach. In a specific role. Consultants are also not part of the full-time staff, so the organization also has many relevant benefits.

Taking a new approach to strategy through the services of effective consultants is the key to transforming the enterprise and preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

As Albert Einstein observed, “The world we created is the process of our thinking. We cannot change our way of thinking without changing it.”

David Stewart, HSSMI Director of Research & Innovation Engineering Comment: Hire a consultant to focus on your business

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