Clubhouse launches spatial audio features to help chat feel real

Clubhouse, a voice-only chat app, said on Sunday that it would launch a spatial voice feature that would make voices sound as if they were coming from different directions, making conversations and virtual performances more realistic.

Backed by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, the app has sprung up social audio trends last year and has become known in thousands of chat rooms, including CEOs and celebrities.But it faces intensifying competition with bigger tech giants like Facebook, twitter, When Spotify, All have their own social audio chat feature.

new Functions like surround sound Useful club house Devoted to the booming performance and entertainment rooms in the app.

Justin Uberti, Head of Streaming Technology at Clubhouse, uses app technology to assign users a spatial location, depending on the number of speakers in the Clubhouse room and a variety of other factors, allowing listeners to wear headphones around them. Make it possible to hear the voice. ..

In a comedy room, for example, Clubhouse technology detects the main speaker and places that person’s voice “in front”, but the laughter of others can sound like it’s coming from the listener’s left and right sides. there is.

“I heard people laughing and the room erupted around me,” Uberti said. “You can imagine in music … there are many possibilities.”

Spatial technology also facilitates detection when different users are speaking, but he added that previously it may have been necessary to pay attention to the rhythm and timbre of the speaker.

club house, Started as It’s an invitation-only app, and these days open He said that from 300,000 in May, more than 700,000 rooms are being created every day for all users.

Spatial audio is deployed first iOS User and then Android Immediately after, the user, Clubhouse, said.

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