Clubhouse is now available in the Play Store.Early users claim to be broken

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May 22, 2021 17:43 IST

Washington [US]May 22 (ANI): Audio Social Media Platform club houseReleased as an iOS-only audio chat platform in September 2020, is now available Android Users in India and other parts of the world.
That said, according to Mashable, anyone who wants to sign up needs an invitation from an iOS user or a fellow user. Android version. Once invited, the sign-up process goes smoothly.
but, Android Users who attempted to sign up report that the verification process is not working as advertised and people are not happy with it.

Many disappointed users have informed of their misfortune in the reviews section of the Play Store. In the review section, many people report that they haven’t received a verification code, and when they try to re-enter their phone number, they say that the number they entered is incorrect or unsupported.
fairly club houseThis is a public beta and not a stable release of the app. AndroidHowever, companies need to work to fix these factors quickly within the app before losing more users.
As a platform club house By 2021, more and more people gradually joined what was previously a fairly monopolistic market for ideas, making it a very popular social media space.
But apparently club housePopularity has declined in the last few months. According to Mashable club house The number of downloads in January was 2 million, but the number of downloads in February exceeded 9.5 million.
After that, the number of downloads decreased, the number of downloads in March decreased to 2.7 million, and in April it decreased further, and the number of downloads fell below 1 million. (ANI) Clubhouse is now available in the Play Store.Early users claim to be broken

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